Year-Round Activity at Long Beach Yacht Club

Although those at Long Beach Yacht Club (LBYC) are fortunate enough to sail year-round in Southern California, winter also makes for a great time to brush up on knowledge before the spring sailing season kicks off.

To help in these efforts, LBYC offered several training opportunities for members this winter. Last month the Club held its first Race Committee Training Day of 2023, where new RC recruits learned the basics of race management in a live regatta setting under the direction of PRO/PSSC John Busch. LBYC also hosted the North U Trim Seminar, where 21-time National Champion tactician Andrew Kerr unpacked the finer details of sail trim and what it takes to optimize the performance of your sails. The following day, LBYC Intermediates hosted the Small Powerboat Operations Clinic which gave members a chance to try out the club’s power fleet assets and learn to operate a 15ft Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB).

LBYC hosted another Race Committee Training Day in conjunction with the next Saturday Soling Regatta. Participants learned how to set marks and when they should be adjusted to accommodate changes in wind speed or direction. They practiced the various duties on board the signal boat, which include sound signals (horns), visual signals (flags) and VHF radio communications.

Finally, LBYC hosted a US Sailing Sanctioned Safety at Sea course which taught valuable lifesaving skills on the water. Not just for offshore sailors, this course provided valuable knowledge to powerboaters, day sailors, cruisers, and anyone who enjoys boating. Topics included rendering assistance to other watercraft, safety gear, fire precautions, crew overboard, heavy weather, emergency communications, and more.