Leading Yacht Clubs • Working Together • Sharing Experiences


The International Council of Yacht Clubs comprises 42 member clubs representing 24 countries across five continents. We host biannual World Forums, regular Regional Conferences and annual Cruises to promote shared experiences and ideas between members of our member clubs.


To build thriving yacht clubs and develop sailing for future generations.


To be a worldwide member’s organization of the world’s yacht clubs sharing knowledge and experiencesto enhance all levels of the sport of sailing and ensure its long-term development.


FACILITATE the long-term sustainability and continual improvement of our member clubs through the open sharing of best practice & other pertinent information re. governance, management, member policies, data exchange, etc. via regular forums (global & regional) and proactive communications.

STRENGTHEN the sport of sailing by: fostering interaction between Member Clubs to create participation in joint activities such as cruises, social functions, youth exchange programs and international competitions; acting together to benefit related areas such as marine policy, harbor management, sustainability, regulations affecting yachting, land and foreshore development impacts, and marina development; identifying ways to bring the next generation into the sport of sailing and build life-long participation; championing diversity; building a balanced worldwide collegial network of sailors and like-minded sailing clubs.

PROMOTE sustainable environmental practices.


Portrait of the Council President

I welcome you as the Council’s fifth President. As I begin my term, I am committed to adding to the great work done by my predecessors in sharing the experiences and solutions developed by our members for the betterment of the sport we love. Our mission statement has always been to bring together the world’s leading clubs to share experiences and learn from them, because from whatever corner of the globe we come, and whether our primary activity is yacht racing, or cruising under sail or power, our goals are common and often the solutions are too.

It is impossible to ignore the effects we will all feel from the global COVID-19 pandemic, both as individuals and clubs. As I write this, most of our member clubs are closed to social and sporting activities. Many events and regattas that we rely upon will be denied to us in 2020, but even in these difficult times, there is reason for optimism.

“Whatever corner of the globe we come, and whether our primary activity is yacht racing, or cruising under sail or power, our goals are common and often the solutions are too.”

Today, our ability to communicate is especially vital as we live and work in different continents and time zones, so the Council’s Communications Committee issued a redesign of our website to allow for optimally user-friendly technology for our members. As we embark upon challenging times for the business of our member clubs, this website will more than ever provide ICOYC’s main communications tool, both between our clubs and others who may be interested in how we are shaping our response to the challenges ahead.

In saying this, I recognize and salute the immense contributions made by our professional administrators and volunteers who make our clubs function at all levels, truly the heartbeat of the ICOYC.

David Mead
ICOYC President