The International Council Of Yacht Clubs

The International Council of Yacht Clubs is an association of the world’s leading yacht clubs. With events and opportunities for club members, leadership and professional staff, the Council exists to promote collaboration among these clubs so each can be empowered to improve their home organization while positively contributing to yachting worldwide.

The Leading Yacht Clubs

The Council is made up of 44 Member Clubs from 22 nations, each of whom share a similar character, yachting activity, size, range of member services and commitment to the sport of yachting. We are proud to have Council representation in nearly every major sailing port in the world.

Our Member Clubs

Working Together

Several times a year, members of Member Clubs come together to discuss issues facing their club, exchange ideas, share best practices and learn from one another. The Council hosts a biennial World Forum as well as annual Regional Conferences, providing our members with multiple opportunities to collaborate.


Sharing Experiences

Members of the ICOYC enjoy invitations to events and regattas at member clubs around the world. In addition, the Council organizes an annual cruise during which our members get to explore the waterways of a foreign cruising area, almost always with a local guide.

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