Benefits of Membership

The yacht clubs that form the Council represent the leading yacht clubs in each region of the world. All Council clubs have similar business models, are internationally oriented and are passionate about enabling their members and communities to enjoy time on the water.

By working together, Council clubs can learn from one another, collaborate on issues facing yachting internationally and deepen their enjoyment of their own club experience.

The Benefits of Membership in the ICOYC



  • Access to a resource-rich library of yacht club best practices, compiled from International Forums. Topics include governance, membership, race management, international trends and more.
  • Invitations to World Forums and Regional Conferences where members enjoy multi-day programs of speakers, discussions and networking.
  • A platform through which club professionals can confidentially discuss issues alongside their counterparts at similar clubs.



  • Access to an international network of yacht club members, Flag Officers, and professionals, all of whom have “been there”. This group calls on one another throughout the year for counsel and collaboration.
  • A warm welcome to Council clubs around the world. Reciprocity is not implied in Council membership, but our members travel frequently between clubs.



  • Organized cruises in maritime destinations around the world, often with an experienced local guide and member of a Council club.
  • Invitations to compete in regattas or enjoy “signature” events at fellow Council clubs.
  • Partner Programs through which event attendees’ partners may explore the local region adjacent the official World Forum.
  • Youth Exchange programs between Council clubs.