Yacht Club Punta del Este Sails to its 100th Anniversary

February 14, 2024, will be a special date for Yacht Club Punta del Este (YCPE); it is the date of the Club’s 100th birthday. A century later, YCPE continues doing at the highest level what the Club’s founders wrote in 1924: Yacht Club Punta del Este will be a Club where people will learn how to sail, build boats, a social meeting point in a town [populated] mostly with fishermen living at that moment near a lighthouse, and to start organizing regattas between Yacht Clubs from different countries and our Club.

The dream of the founders became a reality with the effort of many Club members, employees and the people who love one of the most beautiful bays in the world with superb sailing conditions: the Bahía de Maldonado.

Last year, YCPE raced around the world in the Clipper Race with the boat Punta del Este and finished second overall; organized ILCA Central and South American Championships with more than 230 entries; and recently organized the Rolex South Atlantic Circuit and the Classic Boats Sailing Week, just to name a few of the more than 100 races a year at YCPE. In addition, YCPE’s sailing school welcomes more than 110 kids and adults for year-round sailing and learning how to enjoy the sea. YCPE provides scholarships to private and public schools in the area, to give the opportunity for everyone to discover the passion of sailing.

The founders in 1924 would be proud of YCPE, and their legacy is YCPE’s guide in the sport of sailing.