Wanser and Autenrieth Win 470 World Champions

First Germans to claim the title in 28 years

In Sdot Yam, Israel, Luise Wanser (Norddeutscher Regatta Verein – NRV) and Philipp Autenrieth (BYC) became the first Germans to win the 470 World Championship title in 28 years! Malte & Anastasiya Winkel came in 2nd in the Medal Race to finish 6th place overall. Phenomenal!

Philipp Autenrieth (BYC) and Luise Wanser (NRV)


Just one week after the sensational World Championship triumph of iQ Foiler Basti Kördel of the NRV Olympic Team, 470 aces Luise Wanser and Philipp Autenrieth have followed suit.

Going into the Medal Race the pair had an unassailable lead, allowing them to sail the final course without pressure. They are the first German World Champions in the 470 class since the success of Ines Bohn and Sabine Rohatzsch from Schwerin, 28 years ago.

The performance of Malte and Anastasiya Winkel was also fantastic. They turned up the heat in the Medal Race and, with a 2nd place finish, displayed their world-class abilities in the 470. With 6th place overall, they have now safely qualified for the Olympic squad (World Championship places 1-8).

Simon Diesch and Anna Markfort from Württembergischer Yacht-Club in Friedrichshafen, and Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee in Berlin, respectively, finished fifth.

Luise and Philipp had taken the lead from the first day and in the last two finals with places 1 and 12 they were so far ahead of the field that the 22-point lead in the medal race could not be caught. After the medal race Luise Wanser was carried out of the water standing in her boat “Daisy” and waving the German flag in front of the other sailors.

In Luise’s case, a circle which started in 2009 on Opti “Lillifee” in the NRV Opti beginners’ course has now been closed for the time being. It has now led to the world championship title via the stations 420, Laser and 470.