VSaW Works to Become Most Sustainable Yacht Club in Germany

Since April of 2022, the VSaW in Berlin, Germany, has been undergoing efforts to become the most sustainable yacht club in Germany. The Club started by partnering with an expert organization called “Khulula” which works to shift the mindset of sailors, putting sustainability first.

These efforts touch on three aspects: the economy, the environment, and social issues.

With the help of software developed by the Centre for Sustainable Corporate Management, the Club underwent a process to develop its first “Sustainability Report.” The goal of these efforts is to meet legal requirements regarding sustainability in Germany; to offer an improved product to sponsors; and to preserve the environment. Ultimately, VSaW hopes to be certified by TÜV Rhineland.

In August, VSaW worked with Khulula to undertake the Club’s first Member Survey regarding Members‘ perceptions and priorities regarding sustainability at the club. The results are available for public consumption and are quite interesting

Member Survey Results — English

Member Survey Results — German

After the survey results were published, the first joint workshop took place in November, with over 20 participants. In a lively discussion, many areas were examined and initial measures were developed.

Further workshops will take place, and more opinions will be gathered. VSaW is very excited about these efforts and will continue to report on them.