Seattle Yacht Club Hosts Women’s Group Boating Skills Weekend

The Fourth Annual Seattle Yacht Club (SYC) Women’s Boating Skills Weekend was held April 1-3 at the Portage Bay Mainstation. The 111 attendees enjoyed sunny weather during the day with the rain and wind holding out until just after the close of the last program Sunday afternoon.

Two weeks prior to the event, the committee decided to open the event up to nonmembers, and what a tremendous opportunity that was. Camaraderie between the community and SYC members was astounding as boating stories were shared, laughter filled the social events, and new friendships were formed. The female boating community in the Puget Sound is truly something special and should be celebrated for championing safe boating experiences and women at the helm.

The weekend consisted of 65+ boating seminars and skill-learning sessions, both on the water and on shore. Sessions included Skippering a Powerboat; Tides, Currents, and Wind; Cruising the San Juan Islands; Sailing Lessons; VHF Communications; Diesel Mechanics; Navigation; Boating Safety (offered by the US Coast Guard); plus so many more!

A Greenbox kicked off the weekend event, followed by a Dock Crawl where six members opened up their boats for socializing and tours. The keynote speaker, Captain Sandy Bendixen, first female Washington Puget Sound Pilot, shared her impressive educational background, her upbringing living aboard her family’s boat, her years of experience onboard massive ships all over the world, and how she navigates ships through the waters of the Puget Sound, all while raising a family aboard the same boat that she was raised on.