Seattle Yacht Club Hosts the Tasar World Championships

September 17-25, 2022, Seattle Yacht Club (SYC) was privileged to host the Tasar World Championships on Puget Sound, bringing the best Tasar sailors from multiple countries to the shores of Seattle. Participants came from as far away as Australia, Japan and Canada, as well as from all around the US. This was a historic event, as there had not been a world championship hosted on Puget Sound since the 1970s.

Over one hundred members of SYC volunteered to assist with both the races as well as the social events. Covering the course of an entire week, the organizing committee prepared multiple social events including a dinner cruise on Lake Washington using a 100-year-old steamer, the Virginia V, as well as the opening ceremonies and an awards dinner at the SYC Mainstation on Portage Bay.

The 13 races included a back-and-forth battle between Lindsay and Dalton Bergan, who became the eventual champions. Four-time champions Jonathan and Libby McKee finished in second place. Both teams are members of SYC.

The regatta was run using remote-controlled mark bots, and dynamically positioned floating marks. The depths of the course over the Sound meant the committee boat, M/V Portage Bay, was anchoring with 300’ to 600’ of anchor rode necessitating the use of the mark bots. This allowed the committee to quickly and precisely reposition the marks and to account for wind shifts, leg length and course changes. Since no marks had to be anchored in deep water, there was a significant savings in fuel usage and the time between races was greatly reduced.

Conditions were consistently dry and sunny with plenty of wind all week – a rarity for Seattle in the fall. It made for terrific racing every day.


Photo Credit: Sean Trew