Rolex TP52 World Championship to be held at Clube Naval de Cascais – June 20-25, 2022

Living up to the Clube Naval de Cascais (CNC)’s reputation, and to the fantastic conditions of the Cascais sea for sailing, one of the most important stages of this year’s edition of the 52 Super Series will be held in Cascais: the Rolex TP52 World Championship.

This will not be the first time that CNC will organise the World Championship of the class. It is expected that the Atlantic waters once again providing spectacular conditions, capable of allowing the powerful and fast monohulls to show the best of their enviable capacities, delighting those who come on board in search of the best sporting results, and those who, on land and at sea, have the privilege of seeing them piloted under the command of experienced and reputed sailors. The organisation itself underlines that it was in Cascais that some of the most memorable races of the TP52s in recent years took place, and that many of the most inspiring images of the competition were captured, illustrating the best that these boats are capable of offering.

The importance of the Rolex TP52 World Championship Cascais 2022 also for the CNC is reinforced by the words of its president, Gonçalo Esteves: “Unfortunately, we were unable to hold the event scheduled for 2021, so it was with great satisfaction that we saw the circuit honour this commitment and return to Cascais with the Rolex TP52 World Championship. For the club, the World Championship is the most important event of the year, the jewel in the crown of our sporting calendar, which is full of excellent events. In fact, we will have four months with consecutive regattas in our waters. But the 52 Super Series event will be the most important moment of the year for us. I think holding the event in June will be a success, because it’s the month that always guarantees good wind, but with plenty of sunshine, fabulous light and long days”.

Preparations are being finalized for the World Championship in the TP52 class at Clube Naval de Cascais, June 20 – 25 in Cascais. The CNC looks forward to welcoming, in a manner befitting its traditions, the sailors, their guests, and the many spectators who will arrive to Cascais to watch one of the most fantastic sailing competitions on the planet.