Results from the Annapolis 3-2-1 Invitational

The Annapolis Yacht Club 3-2-1 Invitational is in its third year and its popularity continues to grow with more yacht clubs vying for invitations. The innovative format includes 3v3 and 2v2 team racing as well as match racing, and was created by members of Annapolis Yacht Club’s (AYC) Adult Interclub Race Committee (AIRC) to be AYC’s first foray into hosting a major interclub event.

“Can’t say enough good things about this event…”

For the second time in three years, New York Yacht Club took the win at the 2022 Annapolis Yacht Club 3-2-1 Invitational. Combining 3v3 team racing, 2v2 team racing and 1v1 match racing, the AYC 3-2-1 regatta tests the versatility of sailors to change roles on the boat and strategies among three disciplines. New York Yacht Club showcased their boat speed, tactical prowess and adaptability against the seven other teams, resulting in 18 wins and three losses by the end of the weekend.

NYYC’s winning team was comprised of team captain Josh Dochoda, Pearson Potts, Gwynie Dunlevy, Macy McCann, Luke Adams and Chase Quinn. San Francisco Yacht Club came in second, San Diego Yacht Club third, Ida Lewis Yacht Club fourth, Annapolis Yacht Club fifth, St. Francis Yacht Club sixth, Newport Harbor Yacht Club seventh and Texas Corinthian Yacht Club eighth.

The teams saw a little bit of everything on the Chesapeake Bay over the weekend; breezing and chilly conditions Friday, a wind delay Saturday morning and a sea breeze filling in Saturday afternoon and Sunday. 81 races were completed out of a scheduled 84.

“The food, the hospitality and the sailing is incredible,” said Pearson Potts from the winning NYYC team. “We can’t say enough good things about this event.” Team captain Josh Dochoda added, “The Deep Six [signature event cocktail with Patron Tequila] was a really crucial instigator for our success!”

This regatta is different from any other event because each team races in different boats throughout the event in varying racing formats. The 8 teams of 6 sailors doublehand J22s for the 3v3 team races, go three-up in J22s for the 2v2 and for match racing, and all 6 sailors are on J105s, which were generously donated by two AYC members for this event. A big “thank you” to Don Santa and Kevin Fitzgerald for donating your time and sharing Santa’s Reindeer and Rum Puppy with this event.

“You’ve put on a top tier event. I’ve been coming to this event since you started and every year you raise the bar,” said Potts during the awards ceremony. This regatta requires an enormous amount of help from within AYC and the membership, and we are grateful to all the volunteers who helped make this regatta such a success, as well as the AYC staff and Linda Ambrose, AYC’s Harborside Director. Additional members who donated not only their time, but their boats, include Derrick Lynch, Dr. Pen Alexander, Koralina McKenna and the Cornell family.

Special thanks to Sandy Grosvenor and Ted Kaczmarski and their race committee teams for running the two courses so seamlessly, and to Jeff Borland, who led the team of umpires from around the nation, with one even traveling from Sweden to judge this event. And of course, the tremendous sponsors this year: Hartman Attorneys at Law, Patron Tequila, Dry Creek Vineyard, Forward Brewing, Merrill Lynch and Allsopp Marine. The 2023 event is scheduled for September 22-24.

T2PTV Sailing on Demand covered all three days of racing, and Will Keyworth Photography provided race and awards presentation stills.

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