Regatta Season 2023 Starts at KNS

The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club hosted the Grundig Ski Yachting on March 24-25, 2023. This event, in the far North of Europe, is something that yacht clubs in more southerly locations will never be able to experience. The competitive “regatta” event consisted of a downhill slalom skiing competition combined with a sailing regatta on the waters of the Oslo Fjord.

The event saw 18 teams competing on the slopes on Friday night, and moving to the water on Saturday.

Among the participants were two former Olympic gold medalists in skiing, Hans Petter “Burre” Buraas and Lasse Kjus, with their partners, Pia Rivelsrud and Marianne Berner, on team WildCard 1.

With a second-place finish in the slalom part on Friday, the team was in a good place for sailing on Saturday where they finished 14th, which placed WildCard 1 sixth overall.

Burre said “Under the circumstances, Friday night’s race at Ingerkollen Slalom Ski Center – located to the south of the City of Oslo – went well, although there were some challenges with the weather and conditions. There was strong competition from both former alpine skiers and good sailors, which made the evening very exciting.”

The winners of the Grundig Ski Yachting were Team Still Crazy who had top placements both on the slopes and on the water. They placed second in sailing and third in skiing.

Top three overall in the Grundig Ski Yachting event:

  1. Still Crazy
  2. Team Snowroller
  3. Excalibur

Top three slalom:

  1. Team Bulldog
  2. WildCard 1
  3. Still Crazy

Top three sailing:

  1. Team Snowroller
  2. Still Crazy
  3. Excalibur

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Photo Credit: KNS/Grundig Sailing Cup – Trond Teigen