More than 90 Volunteers Attend Annual Helpers’ Dinner

For many years Norddeutscher Regatta Verein has hosted an annual Volunteers Dinner in February to thank the many helping hands among their membership.

Everyone who volunteered for the NRV in the previous season is invited to a meal at the NRV Clubhouse in Hamburg. The invitation went out to 200 helpers and volunteers, 90 of whom found the time and enjoyed roast beef and red fruit jelly dessert from the NRV’s restaurant.

NRV Commodore Tobias König thanked everyone for their great commitment and emphasized that without the dedication of each individual, no regatta or event could take place at the NRV and the club would not be what it is.

And so, this year’s NRV Volunteers Dinner was once again a thank you for all the voluntary work that is done for the NRV in a wide variety of areas, including on the water, at regattas or on land.

To make it even easier to bring helpers and organizers together for the coming season, the dinner was also the starting signal for the relaunch of the helper platform on the NRV’s homepage on the internet, initiated by Noel Gonseth.