ICOYC Director and former NRV Commodore Appointed Admiral

Three NRV Commodores (past and present) from left to right: Gunter Persiehl, Andreas S. Christiansen, Tobias König – photo credit: © Peter Kähl

As the crowning finale of a remarkable New Year’s reception at the Norddeutscher Regatta Verein Clubhouse in Hamburg, Germany, on Sunday, January 7, 2024, the current NRV Commodore Tobias König appointed past NRV Commodore Andreas S. Christiansen as the new NRV Admiral.

Around 200 members and guests attending the reception applauded Ronald “Ronny” Wolter’s touching speech full of respect and esteem and Past Admiral Gunter Persiehl pinned the “Admirals pin” to Andreas Christiansen’s lapel.

Following in the footsteps of Gunter Persiehl, who was given an honorable farewell in December of last year, Christiansen was lauded with these words from Wolter: he “joins a remarkable line of Admirals who have impressed me during my time as member of this honorable club—our NRV.”

“You are taking up an office,” said Wolter at a later point, “for which you cannot apply. Such kind of office comes to you. Not to everyone…and that’s a good thing. And that’s also a good, old, historic NRV tradition!”
“The footsteps of all NRV Admirals have always been big. And you will fill them too!”

In his laudation, Wolter then drew a line from Christiansen, a fast sailor and strong character, to the successful and confident Commodore Christiansen, without omitting a look at the history and traditions of the office and its predecessors.

He ended with a look into the future: “And now we have a new, worthy Admiral who, with his foresight, composure and analytical mind, will certainly know how to keep the NRV on course for the future.”
Moved by Ronny Wolter’s words, Andreas S. Christiansen was brief in his acceptance speech:
“Dear Board Members,

I was delighted and particularly honored by your unanimous vote to appoint me as the new NRV Admiral.
Dear Ronny, I simply don’t have the words after your laudation, it really touched me. Many, many thanks!

Dear members, now that so much has been said, I’ll just leave you with my best wishes for the New Year.
I wish our NRV Olympic Team and all the other regatta sailors among you the success you are hoping for in this important year.

I would now like to bring out a toast to this event jointly with you!”
And so, we did, with wine and sparkling wine.