How the Season Begins at VSaW

The winter is over, but really – what winter? Here in Berlin, we no longer know real winters with ice and snow, due to climate change.

But this fact makes it easier for owners to prepare their boats for the coming season with the usual overhaul work, both below the waterline and above. The owners of the big boats had to be ready in the first week of April, as that was when the slipping was scheduled.

A specially-rented heavy-duty mobile crane places the boats on a slip car that runs on rails, which then brings the boats back into the water. The only thing left to do is move the boats to their berths. An experienced crew of club members safely supports the work on a voluntary basis. Just a few hours of work and the job was done.

The season can begin.

However, nobody likes to think now that in a few months the work will be carried out in reverse so that the boats can spend the coming winter on dry land again.

Maybe the winter with ice and snow will someday return.