Ending the Year on a High Note

TMS Cup 2023 for the Lightning Class
November 2, 2023, was a spectacular day for sailing. With the participation of six Lightning class sailboats, four thrilling races took place with a windward-leeward course. The wind was on our side, and the competitions were filled with adrenaline. After the intense races, Commodore of the Lightning class, Germán López Escudero, expressed his gratitude and congratulations to all attendees and participants for being part of this historic first edition. The results were spectacular:

  • First place: Julio Vélez, Arianna Villena, and Irene Franco
  • Second place: Germán López, Benjamin López, and Guillermo Romero
  • Third place: Jorge Garcés, María Sol Galarza, and Mercedes Portugal

We hope to see you in the next edition of the TMS Cup!

World Champion in Lightning Class Sailboats in Cartagena, Colombia!
Excitement at the SYC! Ecuador is crowned the world champion in Lightning class sailboats in Cartagena, Colombia. Our captain, Jonathan Martinetti, along with his talented crew members, Moira Padilla and Alison Haon, achieved an extraordinary performance. This achievement adds to the title obtained last week at the South American Championship, now open to participants from all countries sailing the Lightning class. Jonathan’s resume is enviable, with world youth titles, Sunfish championships, and more. What pride for the Salinas Yacht Club and for our entire country! Congratulations to our team for this exceptional achievement!

Sunfish Sailing World Championship
Outstanding achievements at the Sunfish Sailing World Championship!
From December 5-9, our sailors from Salinas Yacht Club shone in the United States.
Congratulations to:

  • Jonathan Martinetti: World Vice Champion
  • Bernardo Fernández: World Youth Champion (Under 19)
  • Rafael Sarrazín: World Youth Vice Champion (Under 19)
  • María José Cucalón: Third Place in the Women’s World
  • John Birkett Jr: Tenth Place in the Overall Ranking

We highlight Jonathan’s vice-championship after his success in Cartagena, Colombia, last week, where he became the South American and World Champion of the Lightning class. A double triumph for our club! Congratulations to the entire club team for these incredible achievements!

Fifth National Ranking of the Optimist Class 2023
On December 9-10, Salinas witnessed a spectacular sailing event that brought together 30 Optimist class boats under the warm sun and perfect winds. We concluded this exciting weekend with a closing ceremony and award presentation, attended by the distinguished members of the Optimist Association of Ecuador, led by Mr. Francisco García, president of the association. He emphasized the fundamental benefits of this experience in the Optimist class and the exceptional commitment of Salinas Yacht Club, Puerto Lucía Yacht Club, Manta Yacht Club, and Club Náutico San Pablo, as well as highly qualified instructors.

Congratulations to the National Champions of the 5th Ranking 2023 in different categories!

General Category:

  1. Jonas Koreiva
  2. José Ricardo Arcos
  3. Juan Pablo Álvarez

Under 12 Category:

  1. Alegría Andrade
  2. Juan Martín García
  3. Azul Robbiano

Female Category:

  1. Alegría Andrade
  2. Martina Ayala
  3. Azul Robbiano

We also extend our congratulations to the young sailors who received participation diplomas. Their dedication is inspiring!