Baiona Prepares to Welcome the 52 Super Series

The countdown begins for the arrival in Galicia of the 52 Super Series, considered Formula 1 of the sea, which will open its regatta season at the Monte Real Club de Yates de Baiona (MRCYB).

From May 23 to 28, the Galician Rías Baixas will host the initial races in which some of the best sailors from five continents participate. Allegre (UK), Gladiator (UK), Interlodge (USA), Phoenix (South Africa), Platoon (Germany), Provezza (Turkey), Quantum Racing (USA) and Sled (USA) will compete in Galicia.

In preparation for the teams’ arrival in Baiona, the Monte Real Yacht Club has been working tirelessly for months. The organization of the event alone requires about 500 people, including crews and support staff, resulting in complicated logistics – even for the MRCYB which is used to hosting large format events.

In addition to the necessary restructuring of the mooring points in the club’s marina to be able to house these large sailboats, Monte Real has had to plan storage locations, as each team will arrive with large quantities of supplies in Baiona. All this takes place inside the historic site Parador Nacional de Baiona, where the club is located, with high importance placed on the protection of the site with high heritage value.

Deployment of the event also requires the coordination of operations, the movement of trailers and cranes, restructuring of spaces, supply management, staging and numerous other tasks that MRCYB is carrying out, all without otherwise altering its sports and social programming.

“If bringing SUPER SERIES to Baiona was a challenge, organizing the event while maintaining our usual activity is proving to be quite a challenge”, says the vice president of MRCYB, Alejandro Retolaza. “The organizational and logistical demands are enormous, but we will be up to the task of such an important event -assures-, and not only for all that it means for the club, but also because Baiona and Galicia will be the focus of international attention during those days. The responsibility is very great.”

The arrival of the 52 Super Series in Baiona, thanks to the efforts of the Monte Real Yacht Club and the sponsorship of ABANCA and the Xacobeo 21-22, will undoubtedly be the nautical event of the year in Galicia.