Annapolis Yacht Club Leads the Charge for ORC Competitors on the Chesapeake Bay

The Annapolis Yacht Club (AYC) has been a leader in the advancement of the Offshore Rating Congress (ORC) ratings rule racing opportunities on the Chesapeake Bay. AYC alone offers starts for fully-crewed, double-handed and even non-spinnaker classes at various regattas on our annual racing calendar. Other clubs in our area are beginning to embrace ORC, as the rule accurately predicts boat speed throughout all points of sail and wind speeds, producing a fair and equitable result for the competitors.

Thanks to the efforts of some AYC members, Chesapeake Bay ORC sailors now have a local support system to assist with everything from the initial certificate process, renewals, regattas, race results and more. Membership in the ORC of the Chesapeake is beginning to take off.

This information, as well as scoring, fleet management and more is readily accessible to Chesapeake Bay sailors at https://orcches.org/ and race results and seasonal scoring updates can be found at the ORC of the Chesapeake Facebook page.

For questions and more information, please reach out to admin@orcches.org