American Pair Win 505 World Championships at Royal Cork Yacht Club with a Race to Spare

Photo: Christian Favreau


The Royal Cork Yacht Club (RCYC) hosted 505 Worlds, August 3-13, and the event finished in brochure conditions for the final two days following a frustrating lack of breeze earlier in the week.

The final day dawned with no wind and again, the wind filled in from the NE out to sea. The conditions were even better than the previous day with the wind filling in slightly stronger and holding for longer. Nearly all racing was conducted in 10-12 and up to 14kn of wind. Late in the day, it moved slightly right and started to fade, but by then, boats were turning onto their last upwind of the final race.

Three races were conducted, allowing seven races in total and bringing a drop into play.

The first race of the day (R5) looked like there could be some movement ahead for the leader board. McNay and Payne were 7th and Batchelor/Pascoe 3rd. The winners were Jan-Philipp Hofmann and Felix Brockerhoff in a tight battle with Roger Gilbert and Ben McGrane. Peter Nicholas and Luke Payne were part that trio, but on the last run they went furthest to the left when a little righty came down the centre of the course dropping them to 6th. The German pair of Hofmann and Brockerhoff looked like they could move up to third overall.

The second race of the day (R6) was a return to form for McNay/Payne, but Batchelor/Pascoe were a little deep. Nicholas/Payne were again near the front and this time would make no mistake finishing second. Former champions Mike Holt and Adam Lowry emerged from the forest they had been lost in all regatta to give us a flash of brilliance to pick up third.

And the final race (R7) – it was an exhibition, really. McNay and Paine just sailed away from the fleet. It was impressive! In second was the other form boat, Batchelor and Pascoe, with third going to Mike Martin and Adam Lowry.

In a post-race interview, McNay and Paine shared their glory with their coach, (and McNay’s crew for the last two Olympics), Dave Hughes.

The two lead boats were identical packages. Brand new Ovington V2 hulls, Pinnell and Bax sails and Superspar M2 masts.

The top Irish sailors were locals Ewan Barry and Charles Dwyer in 12th place.

A review of the final day can be viewed on YouTube.

Next year the Worlds return to Santa Cruz on the US West Coast. Given the size of the US fleet here in Cork, it should be a great success.