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International Council of Yacht Clubs

The ICOYC website provides a window into the world of the leading yacht clubs, with their long histories and fine traditions. Over the past several years, a significant number of these clubs have joined together to form the International Council of Yacht Clubs. This has helped them by sharing their experiences, learning from their successes (and failures), and reviewing the common challenges they face. 

On this website you will find information, news and views about the ICOYC, details of the member clubs, plans for events, and comments on yachting-related developments. You will also find copies of the ICOYC printed newsletters. Full proceedings of world-wide forums and regional conferences are in the pages reserved for signed-in members of ICOYC.  


What's New?

European Regional Conference
Planning is underway for the next European Regional Conference being held in lovely (and warm) Malta and hosted by the Royal Malta Yacht Club. The meeting will be scheduled for late 2015 or early 2016. Stay tuned for further announcements. Also, the RMYC racing calendar for 2015 has been posted.

Club Magazines and Newsletters Now Online!
Many of the ICOYC clubs publish their monthly magazines online as well as in print media. Links to these newsletters can be found on the private side of the ICOYC website under Member Library/Club Communications. We will keep these publications behind the Members Only firewall. If your club is missing from the list, send a message to webeditor@icoyc.org.

New Slide Shows on Member Club Pages Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club has recently updated the slide show at the bottom of its member page. Commodores and GMs - You may want to check the member page for your club and refresh the content and the slide show. Look at Member Clubs.

May 2015 eNEWS - Latest electronic newsletter

April 2015 ICOYC Newsletter - reports on the Auckland Forum and Cruise.

Photos from the Post Forum Cruise in New Zealand
Cruisers on the Post Forum ICOYC Cruise in New Zealand posted many great photos of their cruise area and the food they consumed. Go to Photo Gallery and click on 2015 Commodores Forum. Four albums are available. The password is ICOYCphotos.

New Member Club - Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

Check out their new Member Club page under Member Clubs

Americas Regional Conference, 11-12 October 2015 - HOTEL RESERVATIONS
The next conference for the Americas region will be held at Annapolis Yacht Club on 11-12 October 2015, directly following the Chesapeake Bay Cruise, and while the United States Sailboat Show is running. Hotel reservations can be made online. Details under Forums/Regional Conferences/Americas.

Chesapeake Bay Cruise - 02 - 10 October 2015 - Registration Open
Annapolis Yacht Club has opened registration for its 2015 ICOYC cruise "Flavor of the Chesapeake." Details can be found in On the Water/Member Cruises/2015 Annapolis Chesapeake Bay. Ride sharing options are now available. Download the Poster.

The 2015 Commodores' Forum in Auckland was a great success. Presentations and photos are posted.
Presentations can be downloaded by signed-in members only by going to Forums/Past Commodores Forums/2015 Auckland.  Photos can be seen in Photo Gallery


Scroll down to currents, the bulletin board showing news articles of interest to ICOYC members.

A Message from the President of ICOYC

Please enjoy looking around this site. Although the Council is made up of well established clubs with a basis of history and traditions, you’ll find that as a network of organizations we are focused on the future of our clubs and the sport, and are sensitive to how we must evolve to meet the needs of our individual clubs and memberships. Council Member Clubs share an active passion for the sport, similar business models in size and complexity, and a mutual trust that allows us to openly explore our thoughts and experiences, both good and bad, in a persistent effort toward improvement.

Those taking part in Council activities are a broad mix of sitting Commodores, junior flag officers, committed sailor-volunteers and past Commodores, many of whom have developed close relationships. We share an understanding of the value of working together, a love for our sport, and a belief in the essential role of our clubs in that sport and our lives.

Of course, we also have fun together, and the camaraderie developed among peers around the world is priceless. The Member Clubs generally meet in some fashion a couple of times each year to exchange ideas, do a bit of cruising on occasion, and often engage one to one on a variety of topics and activities. There is something very comforting about being able to chat with someone thousands of miles away who has firsthand experience with the issue being discussed.

I hope you enjoy this visit, and will offer your thoughts as well. Contacts may be seen

Fair winds
John McNeill

Currents - What's New within ICOYC

A Note to Visitors

The headlines below point to reports, print articles, and web sites of interest to members of ICOYC clubs.  Click on the headline to open up the expanded text and internet links.  Send your reports and items that will be of interest to fellow ICOYC club members to webeditor@icoyc.org for publication
Occasionally more ICOYC-specific material is posted on the private pages of this website. These are only available to members of Council yacht clubs who have passwords. If your club is a member of the ICOYC, and you have some particular interest, please inquire of your club’s ICOYC Representative for information on how to get access to the private pages. 

Note: The links marked Members Only are password protected and are only available to logged-in members of ICOYC. Comments can be addressed webeditor@icoyc.org 

Last updated Friday, June 12, 2015

Newport Harbor YC Converts 52 Year Old Launch to Electric Power
Posted 24Jul2015
Newport Harbor YC has a long history as a traditional yacht club, but when it came to re-power the old launch, the members decided to break with tradition and go high tech and green. Read more by clicking on the article title. 
ICOYC Clubs do well for California Governers Club
Posted 23Jul2015
Fully five of the top eight advancing to the quarter finals of this prestigious junior competition are ICOYC Member Clubs! 
There are Times whan Yachting Should be Honored
Posted 23Jul2015
Paul Cayard of St Francis Yacht Club writes about the traditions of our sport that seem to be disappearing. Read his article "Dress for Success" by clicking on the title to display the download link. 
StFYC Members Crush LA-Honolulu Record, Victorious in Nations Cup and Pan Am Games; Plus! News from
Posted 20Jul2015
This past weekend, StFYC members displayed incredible talent on the water, securing impressive victories from Russia to Toronto to Los Angeles to Hawaii. Nicole Breault skippered her team to a first-place finish in the Women's Division of the Nation's Cup. Paige Railey, Marion Lepert and Helena Scutt & Paris Henken medaled in the Pan Am Games in Toronto. The 105ft trimaran, Lending Club 2, crushed the Los Angeles to Honolulu record by more than a day, co-skippered by Renaud Laplanche and Ryan Breymaier. International sailing accomplishments such as these are truly the pride of the StFYC. Congratulations, sailors! Click on the title to see the photo and a link to more news at St Francis YC. 
UPDATE! San Francisco Yacht Racing Challenge in Super 12's! NEW details!
Posted 18Jul2015
The SFYRC has released, in private to Council Members, an updated slideshow revealing details of the regatta, participating nations, and the Super 12 meter yacht design. Although specific competitors remain private, the nations named suggest that some Council Clubs will be sponsors. Who are they? View the latest news in the pdf file by clicking on the article's title. This event has been all over the yachting press lately. Some recent articles are linked below: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/wire?section=gen&id=13006195 http://www.sail-world.com/Big-interest-in-new-San-Francisco-America-s-Cup-style-series/134724 and daily updates at http://sfyrc.com/  
A Serious Read on Clubs and National Authorities
Posted 13Jul2015
The documents linked below are the product of a year long effort in Australia to strengthen the approach to development of the sport. They are important in that they present ideas and organizational schemes that involve a stronger role for Clubs and recognize their pivotal position in providing sustainability to the sport. As each of us interacts to some degree with a National Authority, and share many of the goals cited, this is a worthy read, and might be passed on to those in our Clubs who would be involved in such relationships. Click on the title of this article to view the active web links for the articles. ‘One Sailing – The Case for Change’ by Yachting Australia > http://cdn.sailingscuttlebutt.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/One-Sailing-Case-for-Change-June-2015.pdf Further comments from Matt Allen, President, Yachting Australia > http://www.yachting.org.au/about-us/one-sailing/  
ICOYC well represented at the Royal Yacht Squadron Bicentennial Regatta
Posted 12Jul2015
Fully a third of the invited clubs to the Royal Yacht Squadron Bicentennial Regatta in early August are ICOYC Member Clubs. Hopefully, they will enjoy the company of so many other Council fellows, and return to their clubs with a dominant share of the trophies, and entertaining tales to tell. Look forward to a few reports in the coming month. Of course, if you or a team from your club are attending, we would ask that you share some brief tales of the experience with all. Click on the article title to receive a link to the list of clubs. 
Posted 3Jul2015
New England waters off of Marblehead, Mass. will be the venue for the largest national sailboat racing circuit in the United States, the Helly Hansen National Offshore One Design (NOOD) Regatta series, when it makes its fifth and final stop of the season there from July 23-26. The four-day event hosted by the Eastern Yacht Club will have nearly 1,000 sailors among 10 or more classes competing for the event’s top prize – a trip to the British Virgin Islands in the Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta Championship hosted by Sunsail. Click headline for details  
AYC Holds Boot Camp For Elite 2015 USODA U.S. National and Development Teams
Posted 15Jun2015
From Kate Gahs, Communications Manager of Annapolis Yacht Club: "Attached is a press release regarding the 2015 USODA U.S. National and U.S. Development Team Boot Camp Practice which was held for the sixty-six best Optimist sailors from the United States, at the Annapolis Yacht Club, June 10-14. Sports psychologist, Dr. Tim Herzog, and US Sailing Sperry Technical Director, Grant “Fuzz” Spanhake, over saw the practice with ten of the best Optimist coaches from around the country, including AYC’s Optimist Head Coach, Tomas Ruiz de Luque. The boot camp was designed to help the elite young sailors prepare for the year’s busy national and international regatta schedule." Open the article to active the links for the press release and photos described below.  
Know Your Customer - A discussion on how to recruit sailors
Posted 12Jun2015
The blogger says "As I've said before, sailing clubs are not businesses - certainly not in the normal sense. But we can learn quite a lot from business. One such lesson is knowing who our "customer" is, and who we want our customers to be." ICOYC VP Jim Burrns says "This blog post offers some interesting speculation on how to "Know Your Customer" and is recommended reading for any sailing club." Click on the article title to link to the full posting.  
Royal Southern Yacht Club's new Yacht Haven commissioned by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, K.G., K.T
Posted 4Jun2015
The Royal Southern Yacht Club was honoured today by the presence in Hamble of its Patron, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, for the Commissioning ceremony of the newly completed Prince Philip Yacht Haven. Read the full article and see the photos by clicking on the article title and then the download link. 
Royal Marines capture 'Quay' area as Sam's Ramp receives a fitting dedication
Posted 1Jun2015
PLYMOUTH-based Royal Marines have simulated the capturing of a newly built yacht ramp at the Royal Southern Yacht Club, Hamble, in a tribute to their fallen brother in arms, Mne Sam Alexander MC. Read the full article by clicking on the article's title and doing the download. 
Royal Southern Match Cup - June 2015
Posted 20May2015
Just a year ago, Ian Williams lay second in the ISAF Open rankings. Now he is World Champion both as No.1 in the rankings and the five times winner of the World Match Racing Tour. Ian is top ranked at the Royal Southern Match Cup to be held from 10 to 14 June at Hamble, the first ever World Match Racing Tour event in the UK, and he will be taking on some of the fastest rising stars on the match racing circuit, racing in a fleet of J/80s. Read more by clicking on the article title.  
12 Meter Yacht Racing - Bring Back?
Posted 18May2015
You may recall ICOYC friend Tom Ehman from one meeting or another. He has proposed an annual regatta in 12 Meter yachts to bring tradition back to international interclub competition. Thanks to our friendship, and mutual trust, he has provided an insider's look to the plans for ICOYC Member Clubs. When this event takes place, I suspect a number of Council Clubs will be involved. Click on the article heading to view the full presentation. NOTE: for logged-in ICOYC members only.  
Royal Hong Kong YC's Report on the Auckland 2015 Forum
Posted 29Apr2015
General Manager Mark Bovaird and Member of the General Committee Jenny Cooper of Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club report to their members on the 2015 Auckland Forum. The article appeared in the May 2015 issue of Ahoy! Magazine.  
Royal Canadian YC to host Sailing Events at Toronto 2015 Pan-American Games
Posted 27Apr2015
Top sailors from throughout the Americas will set sail this summer at the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am Games from the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, one of Canada’s premiere sailing clubs. With its heritage buildings and idyllic city skyline setting, this historic club has hosted countless Canadian, North American and World Championships on Lake Ontario since its founding in 1852. 
Preserving the Future of Yacht Clubs - Lessons Learned at the ICOYC Forum in Auckland
Posted 1Apr2015
St Francis Yacht Club reported on the Auckland Forum to its members in the monthly club publication Mainsheet.  
Renewed Perspective Revives a Nearly Defunct Sailing Club
Posted 12Mar2015
When Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle (WA) was on the cusp of closure, Brian Watkins took on the task of reviving the club on Shilshole Bay. Here is his exit letter from his position as Commodore of CYC Seattle, where he congratulated the membership for the club's successful recovery... Scuttlebutt, 12 Mar 2015. Click on article title to download the report. Use http://www.cycseattle.org/lets-go-racing to view the report on CYC's website.