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International Council of Yacht Clubs

The ICOYC website provides a window into the world of the leading yacht clubs, with their long histories and fine traditions. Over the past several years, a significant number of these clubs have joined together to form the International Council of Yacht Clubs. This has helped them by sharing their experiences, learning from their successes (and failures), and reviewing the common challenges they face. 

On this website you will find information, news and views about the ICOYC, details of the member clubs, plans for events, and comments on yachting-related developments. You will also find copies of the ICOYC printed newsletters. Full proceedings of world-wide forums and regional conferences are in the pages reserved for signed-in members of ICOYC.  

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Last updated Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2016 Commodores' Forum in Copenhagen - The Registration Desk is Open!!
Commodore Lars Ive of the Royal Danish Yacht Club announces that registration for the 2016 Commodores' Forum being held in Copenhagen on 19-23 September 2016 is now available. Also, the separate registration process for the conference hotel is ready. The conference agenda and the partners/spouses programs can be viewed. Please visit Forums/Next Commodores Forum to see the registration details, download the programs, and to reserve your room in the conference hotel.

April 2016 ICOYC Newsletter
Read about the forthcoming Commodores' Forum in Copenhagen, the recent European Regional Meeting in Malta, how Chicago Yacht Club revved up the club's energy level in Chicago, and how Royal Natal YC works with the community in Natal. Download the issue HERE and feel free to pass it on to others.

2017 ICOYC Cruise in Finland, 29 July - 06 August 2017
The 2017 ICOYC Cruise is being hosted by Nyländska Jaktklubben (NJK) during the summer of 2017. More information will be posted in On the Water/Member Cruises and will be sent to all ICOYC members when the details are complete.
NRV Announces the Atlantic Anniversary Regatta NRV is preparing to celebrate the its 150th Anniversary in 2018 and will do so by hosting a Transatlantic Race.  Incidentally Yacht Club Costa Smeralda – www.yccs.it– of Porto Cervo / SARDINIA – one of our Reciprocal Clubs – will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2017. Therefore, both Clubs have decided to join hands in organizing two outstanding Trans-Atlantic Races in 2017 and 2018.  In November 2017 the YCCS will host the westbound regatta from the Canary Islands to Virgin Gorda, BVI with the finish line in front of their Caribbean Clubhouse.  In July 2018 – supported by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club in Hamilton – www.rbyc.bm– another one of our Reciprocal Clubs – the NRV will host the eastbound regatta from Bermuda to Hamburg / GERMANY. Go to Member Clubs/Norddeutscher Regatta Verein for details.

Reports and Photos from the 2016 European Regional Conference in Malta - 15-17 January
Reports on the conference can be found on

Regional Conferences/Europe

under the tab "2016 Malta".

Photos can be found in Photo Gallery.

Read the Press Release prepared by Royal Malta Yacht Club HERE

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A Message from the President of ICOYC

Please enjoy looking around this site. Although the Council is made up of well established clubs with a basis of history and traditions, you’ll find that as a network of organizations we are focused on the future of our clubs and the sport, and are sensitive to how we must evolve to meet the needs of our individual clubs and memberships. Council Member Clubs share an active passion for the sport, similar business models in size and complexity, and a mutual trust that allows us to openly explore our thoughts and experiences, both good and bad, in a persistent effort toward improvement.

Those taking part in Council activities are a broad mix of sitting Commodores, junior flag officers, committed sailor-volunteers and past Commodores, many of whom have developed close relationships. We share an understanding of the value of working together, a love for our sport, and a belief in the essential role of our clubs in that sport and our lives.

Of course, we also have fun together, and the camaraderie developed among peers around the world is priceless. The Member Clubs generally meet in some fashion a couple of times each year to exchange ideas, do a bit of cruising on occasion, and often engage one to one on a variety of topics and activities. There is something very comforting about being able to chat with someone thousands of miles away who has firsthand experience with the issue being discussed.

I hope you enjoy this visit, and will offer your thoughts as well. Contacts may be seen

Fair winds
John McNeill

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Occasionally more ICOYC-specific material is posted on the private pages of this website. These are only available to members of Council yacht clubs who have passwords. If your club is a member of the ICOYC, and you have some particular interest, please inquire of your club’s ICOYC Representative for information on how to get access to the private pages. 

Note: The links marked Members Only are password protected and are only available to logged-in members of ICOYC. Comments can be addressed webeditor@icoyc.org 

Royal Southern YC Hosting the Hamble Classics Regatta
Posted 5Aug2016
Hamble Classics: New S&S Nautor Swan Class Announced For Hamble Classics Regatta The Royal Southern Yacht Club in Hamble is hosting and managing the racing for the inaugural Hamble Classics Regatta on 24-25th September 2016. Yachts already confirmed for this event include: Bob Kat II, Breeze, Charm of Rhu, Cockleshell, Destina, Evensong, Finola, Ivy Green, Nancy, Sioma, Spinaway X, Strega, Thalia and White Heather; Folkboats Mahjong and YSA and XODs Calypso, Elicia, Mischief, Pepper and Sox. In addition to Classic Yachts of pre-1971 design, the International Metre classes, Classic Racers and Cruisers, Spirit of Tradition yachts plus Old Gaffers and Dayboats, organisers are delighted to announce a class for all Sparkman and Stephens-designed Nautor Swans. The Swan 36 Finola and Swan 38 White Heather are already entered. Other invited production yachts include Folkboats, Twisters, SCODs, Contessa 26 and Contessa 32s, Nicholson 32s, 35s & 36s, the Cal 40, plus Tofinou and Monotype 7.5 sportsboats. Owners of other classic- style GRP yachts are requested to make contact with the Club. See NOR 3.1 - 3.4 on the event website for eligibility details. The Hamble Classics will feature IRC class racing for yachts not in one-design or level racing classes (e.g. XOD and 6-Metres), or gaff rigged yachts sailing under OGA system handicaps (with thanks to Sue Pennison of the Solent OGA who will be processing the handicaps). For those yachts currently without an IRC certificate, a low cost Single Event Rating (SER) is available from the RORC Rating Office. You can apply for an IRC SER rating as early as you like but the rating will only be issued a maximum of one month before the event, so don't delay as it can take 28 days to be processed. The discount rate for early entries ends on August 1st so please enter soon. Notice of Race and online entry: www.royal-southern.co.uk Click on the title to get a list of weblinks.  
Royal Vancouver YC's David Sutcliffe Keeps the Vic-Maui Race Going While Promoting Safety at Sea
Posted 29Jul2016
From Jim Burns, ICOYC VP for the Americas, "The resurgence of the Vic Maui Race is almost entirely due to the tireless efforts of David Sutcliffe. He virtually singlehandedly got the offshore "Safety at Sea Seminars" going in Vancouver and it is one of the very few programs of its kind in North America. Truly an unsung hero, he has steadfastly refused our entreaties to run for the Executive, preferring instead to focus on offshore racing and Vic Maui in particular." Read more by clicking on the article's title.  
Royal Vancouver YC is Overall Winner of Vic-Maui 2016
Posted 29Jul2016
With most of the competitors now finished, it is clear that Kinetic V, a TP-52 owned by David Sutcliffe and sailing for co-host Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, will be the Overall Winner of Vic-Maui 2016. David a 6 time Vic-Maui veteran previously won the Overall prize in Vic-Maui in 2010 in Kinetic II. Kinetic V completed the course in 8d 14h 16 m and corrected out 2h 30m ahead of Valkyrie at 8d 3h 57m. - See more at: http://www.vicmaui.org/index.php?articleid=682#sthash.8gFMdhGq.dpuf 
San Diego and Royal Freshwater take the Governor's Cup
Posted 24Jul2016
Host Balboa Yacht Club places third, following ICOYC members San Diego Yacht Club and Royal Freshwater Yacht Clubs.  
What a Grown-up Can Learn at an Opti Regatta
Posted 22Jun2016
A first-time regatta chair reflects on lessons learned at a recent Opti Heavy Weather regatta.  
USA Dominates Invitational Team Racing Challenge - Newport Harbor YC and Eastern YC from ICOYC
Posted 20Jun2016
The second edition of the Invitational Team Racing Challenge regatta in Porto Cervo concluded with a resounding victory for California’s Newport Harbor Yacht Club. Over the course of three day’s racing (June 16-18), organised by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, the participating teams completed a total of 62 matches in varied sea and wind conditions. Click on the article title to reaad the full article. 
Annapolis Yacht Club Re-Tunes Annual Regatta to Increase Participation
Posted 20May2016
If Annapolis Yacht Club is right, other clubs will need to sit up and take notice. What they’ve done with their Annual Regatta next month is to look beyond the advanced racing teams and re-tune the event to be more inclusive to the casual racers. At its peak in the 1990s, the AYC Annual Regatta predominantly featured handicap racing. Over the past decade or so, one-design competition has become more popular and those classes have come to dominate the regatta. Participating in PHRF classes has decreased to the point the handicap component of the event has not been held for five years. Click on the article title to see the link to the full story. 
Royal Hong Kong YC Helps Clean the Oceans - No plastics
Posted 4May2016
The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is pleased to announce that the Club will no longer sell beverages in single-use plastic bottles nor provide members with plastic bags or plastic straws. This initiative will take effect from 8 June 2016, an auspicious date being the internationally celebrated World Oceans Day, a United Nations recognised day of celebration and action for the ocean held every 8 June. 
First 2K Team Racing event deemed a success by the Royal Southern YC
Posted 3Apr2016
Hamble, Hampshire, UK Question: How do you cram all the different racing scenarios that you might encounter over a season into one day on the water? Answer: Go 2K Team Racing at the Royal Southern...and they did! '2K' is defined as two boat team racing in keel boats, with mixed gender crews and no spinnakers. Team racing provides short, high intensity races with lots of close quarter encounters between boats. The RSrnYC held this new training event, organised by Dr Stephanie Merry, during this weekend, sailing in the Club's Academy fleet of J/80s. Members were invited to form mixed gender crews of four people to take part. Each crew of four were paired at random with another crew of four, to form a two-boat team for the first round of racing. This was to ensure that the teams are well matched. Each two-boat team raced against the other teams in the first round and in the second round, there was a new set of random pairs. Read the full article and see the photos by clicking on the headline.  
Norddeutscher Regatta Verein Announces the Alantic Anniversary Regatta
Posted 1Feb2016
NRV is preparing to celebrate the its 150th Anniversary in 2018 and will do so by hosting a Transatlantic Race. Incidentally Yacht Club Costa Smeralda – www.yccs.it – of Porto Cervo / SARDINIA – one of our Reciprocal Clubs – will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2017. Therefore, both Clubs have decided to join hands in organizing two outstanding Trans-Atlantic Races in 2017 and 2018. In November 2017 the YCCS will host the westbound regatta from the Canary Islands to Virgin Gorda, BVI with the finish line in front of their Caribbean Clubhouse. In July 2018 – supported by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club in Hamilton – www.rbyc.bm – another one of our Reciprocal Clubs – the NRV will host the eastbound regatta from Bermuda to Hamburg / GERMANY. Go to Member Clubs/Norddeutscher Regatta Verein for details. 
Royal Southern announces "Hamble Classics"
Posted 1Feb2016
A new Regatta at the Royal Southern YC is announced for September 2016. Designed as a late season extravaganza of classic yachting, the Hamble Classics Regatta is set to welcome all styles of classic yachts, with racing formats to suit each type. Metre classes, Classic Racers and cruisers, Spirit of Tradition yachts plus Old Gaffers and Dayboats will enjoy the superb facilities at one of the UK's top yacht clubs, with first class race management and a social programme to match. Click on the title to view the full announcement.