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International Council of Yacht Clubs

The ICOYC website provides a window into the world of the leading yacht clubs, with their long histories and fine traditions. Over the past several years, a significant number of these clubs have joined together to form the International Council of Yacht Clubs. This has helped them by sharing their experiences, learning from their successes (and failures), and reviewing the common challenges they face. 

On this website you will find information, news and views about the ICOYC, details of the member clubs, plans for events, and comments on yachting-related developments. You will also find copies of the ICOYC printed newsletters. Full proceedings of world-wide forums and regional conferences are in the pages reserved for signed-in members of ICOYC.  


What's New?

The 2015 Commodores' Forum in Auckland is Underway
More information in Forums/Next Commodores' Forum
Photos can be seen in Photo Gallery

Americas Regional Conference, 11-12 October 2015
The next conference for the Americas region will be held at Annapolis Yacht Club on 11-12 October 2015, directly following the Chesapeake Bay Cruise, and while the Annapolis Boat Show is running.

Chesapeake Bay Cruise - 02 - 10 October 2015 - Registration Open
Annapolis Yacht Club has opened registration for its 2015 ICOYC cruise "Flavor of the Chesapeake." Details can be found in On the Water/Member Cruises/2015 Annapolis Chesapeake Bay.

Invitation to the Nord Stream 2015 Race to Russia from NRV

NRV invites interested yachtsmen to compete in this extraordinary 800 mile race in the Baltic. Click HERE for the invitation, details and the NoR.

Cruise to the Haukari Gulf following the 2015 Commodores' Forum in Auckland
A new Flyer and a Detailed Itinerary are available, along with the Cruise Registration Form can be downloaded.
The webpage in On The Water/Member Cruises/2015 New Zealand Hauraki Gulf has more details on this beautiful cruise.

European Regional Conference Report, 24-25 October 2014.
VP-Europe Gero Brugmann reports on Conference activities for signed-in members only. Look at Forums/Regional Conferences/Europe.

ICOYC September 2014 Newsletter
Download it from Library/Newsletters

Photos of the 2014 Cruise around the Island of Elba have been posted.
Look in the Photo Gallery.

Scroll down to currents, the bulletin board showing news articles of interest to ICOYC members.

A Message from the President of ICOYC

Please enjoy looking around this site. Although the Council is made up of well established clubs with a basis of history and traditions, you’ll find that as a network of organizations we are focused on the future of our clubs and the sport, and are sensitive to how we must evolve to meet the needs of our individual clubs and memberships. Council Member Clubs share an active passion for the sport, similar business models in size and complexity, and a mutual trust that allows us to openly explore our thoughts and experiences, both good and bad, in a persistent effort toward improvement.

Those taking part in Council activities are a broad mix of sitting Commodores, junior flag officers, committed sailor-volunteers and past Commodores, many of whom have developed close relationships. We share an understanding of the value of working together, a love for our sport, and a belief in the essential role of our clubs in that sport and our lives.

Of course, we also have fun together, and the camaraderie developed among peers around the world is priceless. The Member Clubs generally meet in some fashion a couple of times each year to exchange ideas, do a bit of cruising on occasion, and often engage one to one on a variety of topics and activities. There is something very comforting about being able to chat with someone thousands of miles away who has firsthand experience with the issue being discussed.

I hope you enjoy this visit, and will offer your thoughts as well. Contacts may be seen

Fair winds
John McNeill

Currents - What's New within ICOYC

A Note to Visitors

The headlines below point to reports, print articles, and web sites of interest to members of ICOYC clubs.  Click on the headline to open up the expanded text and internet links.  Send your reports and items that will be of interest to fellow ICOYC club members to webeditor@icoyc.org for publication
Occasionally more ICOYC-specific material is posted on the private pages of this website. These are only available to members of Council yacht clubs who have passwords. If your club is a member of the ICOYC, and you have some particular interest, please inquire of your club’s ICOYC Representative for information on how to get access to the private pages. 

Note: The links marked Members Only are password protected and are only available to logged-in members of ICOYC. Comments can be addressed webeditor@icoyc.org 

Last updated Sunday, February 15, 2015

How a Comms Plan can Fulfill Key Objectives
Posted 26Feb2015
This excellent article, featuring Peta Stuart- Hunt of the Royal Southern Yacht Club, is must reading for clubs who would like to improve their event media effectiveness. All too often we forget that we need to be speaking to more than our members and the competitors to promote our sport and clubs. Click on the article's heading to see the full story. 
Royal Southern YC - 50 is the new 40
Posted 2Feb2015
The Royal Southern Yacht Club defies time, getting younger every year, with the average age of its membership now under 50. Chris Mansfield, the newly elected Commodore, says "It's taken over 30 years to get to this point and the Club is justly proud of a growing membership, now standing at over 1700 including 100+ members of the Royal Southern Academy that was launched five years ago." The Club cites one of the key reasons for welcoming an increasingly younger membership is through its concerted efforts to host and manage a broad variety of on-water and on-shore activities whilst always maintaining the traditions and fundamental values of its Royal Yacht Club status. Read the full article by clicking on the title.  
Why Sailors are the Best People to Travel With
Posted 12Jan2015
Humorous discussion explaining why sailors are good traveling companions on a trip. Click on the article title to read the complete article. 
The 2017 J/80 World Championships are awarded to the Royal Southern Yacht Club
Posted 19Dec2014
The International J/80 Class Association has awarded the 2017 J/80 World Championships to the Royal Southern Yacht Club, based on the river Hamble. This will follow on from the UK National Championships that the Club is also hosting in 2015. Click on the title to read the full article.  
Annapolis Yacht Club's Opti Head Coach Picked to be US Team Coach
Posted 11Dec2014
Annapolis Yacht Club’s (AYC) Optimist Head Coach, Tomas Ruiz de Luque, has been handpicked by the U.S. Optimist Dinghy Association (USODA) to be a coach for the U.S. Optimist Sailing Team when they participate in the 30th Magic Marine Easter Regatta (March 29 – April 7, 2015) in Braassemermeer, Roelofarendsveen, The Netherlands. Click on the article title to see downloads for the full press release and a photo.  
How St Francis YC Informs Members of the Availability of the Club Fleet
Posted 15Oct2014
The article is an e-letter StFYC uses to assure that members are aware of the Club Fleet availability and encouraged to get involved. Please note StFYC Member Kimball Livingston's comment at the end. The club fleet has significantly heightened club sailing activity, and young membership. Last night we had 23 new member candidates at our monthly reception. Click on the article title to open the full article. 
Royal Southern YC Starts Development of Prince Philip Yacht Haven
Posted 15Oct2014
The first pile has been driven in the Royal Southern's Yacht Club's most ambitious construction scheme to date, the creation of the Prince Philip Yacht Haven. The Royal Southern Yacht Club and its close neighbour, the RAF Yacht Club, have worked together for several years to reach this milestone. Read more about this major project by clicking on the article title.  
Notes from the Circumnavigation of the Island of Elba Cruise in June 2014
Posted 15Jul2014
Click on the article title to see the download statement to view cards and emails from attendees of the Isle of Elba Cruise. Also, the article page has a link to the cruise photos in the Photo Album.