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march 2014 e -News

  January 2014 Newsletter

2014 ICOYC Cruise

"Circumnavigation of Elba"
21-28 June 2014

Welcome to the

International Council of Yacht Clubs

The ICOYC website provides a window into the world of the leading yacht clubs, with their long histories and fine traditions. Over the past several years, a significant number of these clubs have joined together to form the International Council of Yacht Clubs. This has helped them by sharing their experiences, learning from their successes (and failures), and reviewing the common challenges they face. 

On this website you will find information, news and views about the ICOYC, details of the member clubs, plans for events, and comments on yachting-related developments. You will also find copies of the ICOYC printed newsletters. Full proceedings of world-wide forums and regional conferences are in the pages reserved for signed-in members of ICOYC.  

What's New?

Royal Varuna Yacht Club is a new member of ICOYC. Take a look at its Member Club page.

NRV -Norddeutscher Regatta Verein - opens its new clubhouse with a splash. Read about the black tie party and festival on the NRV club page.
The Americas Regional Conference was held at the San Diego Yacht Club, 08-09 February 2014. Photos of the meeting can be seen in the Photo Gallery.
The January 2014 issue of the ICOYC Newsletter presents excellent reports and photos of the Hong Kong Forum. Download it HERE

Scroll down to Currents, the bulletin board showing what is new within ICOYC.

A Message from the President of ICOYC

Please enjoy looking around this site. Although the Council is made up of well established clubs with a basis of history and traditions, you’ll find that as a network of organizations we are focused on the future of our clubs and the sport, and are sensitive to how we must evolve to meet the needs of our individual clubs and memberships. Council Member Clubs share an active passion for the sport, similar business models in size and complexity, and a mutual trust that allows us to openly explore our thoughts and experiences, both good and bad, in a persistent effort toward improvement.

Those taking part in Council activities are a broad mix of sitting Commodores, junior flag officers, committed sailor-volunteers and past Commodores, many of whom have developed close relationships. We share an understanding of the value of working together, a love for our sport, and a belief in the essential role of our clubs in that sport and our lives.

Of course, we also have fun together, and the camaraderie developed among peers around the world is priceless. The Member Clubs generally meet in some fashion a couple of times each year to exchange ideas, do a bit of cruising on occasion, and often engage one to one on a variety of topics and activities. There is something very comforting about being able to chat with someone thousands of miles away who has firsthand experience with the issue being discussed.

I hope you enjoy this visit, and will offer your thoughts as well. Contacts may be seen

Fair winds
John McNeill

Last updated Thursday, April 10, 2014

Currents - What's New within ICOYC

A Note to Visitors

The headlines below point to reports, print articles, and web sites of interest to members of ICOYC clubs.  Click on the headline to open up the expanded text and internet links.  Send your reports and items that will be of interest to fellow ICOYC club members to webeditor@icoyc.org for publication
Occasionally more ICOYC-specific material is posted on the private pages of this website. These are only available to members of Council yacht clubs who have passwords. If your club is a member of the ICOYC, and you have some particular interest, please inquire of your club’s ICOYC Representative for information on how to get access to the private pages. 

Note: The links marked Members Only are password protected and are only available to logged-in members of ICOYC. Comments can be addressed webeditor@icoyc.org  

Posted 4Apr2014
Final preparations are underway for the 27th China Sea Race, organised by Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC) under the auspices of the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) and sponsored by Rolex since 2008. Click on the title to read more.  
Cowes-Deauville Race presented by AVEVA, 23-26 May 2014
Posted 3Apr2014
The late May Bank Holiday sees the 52nd running of the Cowes-Deauville yacht race, presented by AVEVA and coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of the twinning of Cowes and Deauville, as well as the start of the famous La Solitaire du Figaro race a few days later. The Royal Southern YC will be joined for this event by the Deauville Yacht Club, Royal London Yacht Cub, Yacht Club de France and the Junior Offshore Group, racing in IRC and Club Classes, alongside a Cruiser & Motorboat Rally Read more by clicking on the title.  
Interclub Rivalry - St Francis YC vs. San Francisco YC
Posted 31Mar2014
Neighboring ICOYC clubs toe-to-toe (spinnaker to spinnaker?). Read more by clicking on the article title.  
McNeil’s Night Shift takes early lead at Farr 40 Midwinters
Posted 27Mar2014
Past Commodore Kevin McNeil of ICOYC member Annapolis Yacht Club takes early lead at Farr 40 Midwinters. The Farr 40 Midwinter Championship got off to a rip-roaring start as 16-18 knot northerly winds buffeted the 16-boat fleet, making boat-handling difficult for skippers and crews while providing exciting racing. Click on article title to read full article.  
Ken Read's Sailing Sponsorship Advice
Posted 5Mar2014
Ken Read’s Keynote at the World Yacht Racing Forum was a big hit. His wide ranging speech can be read here. Click on the link above to read the comments he made about raising sponsorship and what sailors and events still have to learn. 
Sailing on Ice - Restored ice boats in New York
Posted 3Mar2014
The Rocket and the Jack Frost, two iceboats built in the late 1800s that have been restored, took to the frozen Hudson River near New York City. This is the first time in 11 years that they raced because the ice is now thick enough due to the extreme winter conditions in the Northeast USA. 
Using GPS and Smartphones for Real-time Umpiring
Posted 1Mar2014
A video made at St Francis YC of a talk on "Real Time Umpiring: Trickling Down" which discusses how GPS and smartphone technology can be used at the club level.  
The Scoop on Press Releases - How to Publicize Your Event
Posted 25Feb2014
Good tips on how to use emailed press releases for publicity. Click on the article title above to get more details and web links.  
PR Guidelines and Advice for Clubs and Classes
Posted 21Feb2014
Click on the link above in the title to see the current issue of the UK's "Sailing Scuttlebutt". It is to an excellent article and series of papers on Public and Press Relations by Peta Stuart-Hunt, of the Royal Southern Yacht Club in Hamble, UK, where our 7th Forum was held. Her work is a valuable read!  
US Sailing Sponsorship Presentation
Posted 19Feb2014
These two files are a recording and slideshow of the presentation made by IEG (www.sponsorship.com) at the US Sailing Leadership Forum in San Diego this month. IEG is the firm that was reported to have done such an effective job for the Chicago Yacht Club, as reported by Commodore Joe Haas at the ICOYC Americas Conference in 2013 in Newport. This is a worthy study for any club that is considering a serious approach to Sponsor Development. Click on the article name to get the HTML page showing the link to the slideshow and to the audio presentation.  
Royal Hong Kong report on Commodores Forum
Posted 15Feb2014
RHKYC's Ahoy Magazine reports on the 2013 Commodores Forum 
NRV publishes 2014 Event and Racing Calendar and Post List of Winners of 2013 Sailing Events
Posted 7Feb2014
Check out the 2014 sailing program and congratulate the winners of 2013 
St Francis YC present ICOYC to its members
Posted 2Feb2014
Article about the benefits of ICOYC to members as seen in the St Francis YC Mainsheet for Feb 2014 
Commodores' Forum 2013 Presentations are Available
Posted 3Dec2013
Downloads of the presentations made in the Hong Kong forum are available for members in Forums/Past Commodores Forums/2013 Hong Kong.  
Video"Discover Sailing" describing how the Sandringham Yacht Club works to increase club membership
Posted 29Oct2013
View a promotional video on yachting in Australia, to be used by ICOYC member clubs 
Sandringham YC has ICOYC Theme for Opening Day 2013
Posted 28Oct2013
Sandringham YC celebrated its Opening Day, 05 October 2013, with the theme "It's International" based upon Sandringham's involvement with the ICOYC. Read more by clicking on the article title. 
High School and College Sailing
Posted 15Oct2013
The article and the links at the end are excellent guides for those youths that are developing their sailing skills while in school or university. Thanks to the notable author-sailors who shared their experiences and knowledge. Both are members of member clubs San Diego Yacht Club and Annapolis Yacht Club. 
Why Should Kids Sail?
Posted 30Jul2013
John McNeill writes "Here's an article from someone involved in teaching kids to sail, and observing the results. It is directed at parents, and very compellingly explains why sending their too. Most of us who started sailing early in life can attest to the excellent points made as a personal experience. I know I can." 
Europe Week 2014 - 15-22 July 2014
Posted 30Jul2013
KNS, The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club, and KTK, Norwegian Classic Yacht Club, welcome you to a week of racing and social get-togethers and cultural events in 2014. The programme is inspired by the first Europe Week in Norway in 1914, then celebrating the 100th anniversary of Norway, and the next Europe Week in Norway in the year 2000. In July it is still almost midnight sun in our waters and the weather is normally warm and pleasant.