The ICOYC Clubhouse is Always Open

Since its founding, the International Council of Yacht Clubs has hosted World Forums and Regional Conferences to provide its Member Clubs with a platform to exchange ideas and share experiences. These have taken place in diverse locations around the world, thanks to the widespread nature of our membership. Of course, since the global pandemic, it has been impossible to meet as a Council in person.

But, it’s 2021! And international, constant communication is easier than ever.

Step inside the new ICOYC Clubhouse. This Members-only Facebook Group is a free and easily accessible way for our members to continue to exchange ideas, even from afar.

The purpose of the ICOYC Clubhouse Facebook group is to:

  1. Enable Member Clubs and their Members to communicate directly with one another.
  2. Provide frequent communication from The ICOYC to Member Clubs and their members.
  3. Increase awareness, interest and attendance in ICOYC activities.
  4. Engage with members who prefer Facebook as a mode of communications.

 How to join the ICOYC Clubhouse

  • Visit the ICOYC Clubhouse on Facebook.
  • Ask to join. You will need to answer a few questions. To be admitted, you must be a Member of a Member Club. Confirming this can take a bit of time, so thank you for your patience.
  • Start exchanging ideas!

Three great examples of using The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is a place to ask questions, share photos and videos, and celebrate your Clubs!

Tell your fellow Member Clubs about your Club’s good news, like when Colin Morehead at the Royal Cork Yacht Club let us know that keelboat racing was back on the water in Ireland:


Show off beautiful photos of your Club doing what it does best — enjoying time on the water. Check out this photo from Gustavo González Piedras at la Escuela de Vela at Yacht Club Punta del Este!



Tell us what is important to your Club, like in this post from the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, sharing their efforts to encourage ocean conservation on World Oceans Day:


Let us know us at communications@icoyc.org.