Thank you for agreeing to host an upcoming ICOYC Commodores’ Forum. The task of organizing a successful Forum is an intricate one that requires a good deal of planning, organizational skill, and knowledge about the ICOYC. This guide is written for both the experienced conference planner and the novice. It is tailored specifically to assist member clubs in hosting a successful ICOYC Forum. This guide incorporates previous Forum traditions that have proven successful in building strong personal relationships among members, with lessons learned over the years.

If you’ve ever planned–or attended–a conference of this nature, you know that it’s the execution of the details that can “make or break” a Forum. This guide, therefore, is designed to help you think through the many details you will need to consider in planning a successful ICOYC Forum.

The aim of this document is to assist you, the organizing host, and your team. These guidelines are not intended to be applied rigidly, nor are they meant to be exhaustive. The ICOYC holds the rights for worldwide Commodores’ Forums under its name and will be as committed as the Host Club to making each one a great success. The ICOYC Board, the Officers, the Forum Advisory Committee members, as well as representatives from past Host Clubs, will always be on hand to provide information and guidance on all aspects of the Forum, from logistics to agenda. Forum planning is a strong collaborative effort, and a strong partnership between your club and the Council is vital.

We look forward to working with you!