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Chicago YC Named as Top Yacht Club in the USA
Chicago Yacht Club Named to Top Five Clubs in the Country by Platinum Clubs of America On November 7, 2018, the Club Leaders Forum and its Advisory Board released their rankings for the 2019-2020 Platinum Clubs of America, including the Top 30 Yacht Clubs in America. Chicago Yacht Club, located in Chicago, Illinois, on picturesque Lake Michigan, ranked number five in the nation, having moved up two spots from number seven in the 2016-2018 results. The next-highest ranking clubs were #1 St. Francis Yacht Club (San Francisco), #2 San Diego Yacht Club (San Diego, CA), #3 Grosse Point Yacht Club (Grosse Point, MI), and #4 Annapolis Yacht Club (Annapolis, MD). Click on the article title to download the full article.
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