Real Club Náutico
de Barcelona

Moll Espanya, s/n
08039 Barcelona, Spain

Tel: +93 221 65 21
Fax: +93 221 62 53




Barcelona, Spain

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Hundred Years of History

Founded 140 years ago, Real Club Náutico de Barcelona is a point of reference in the Mediterranean navigation. Twinned with different European and Asian clubs, RCNB also maintains correspondences with various nautical clubs, detailed in the relevant links section on our website,

RCNB is internationally renowned for competitive sailing for the organization of its racing and its location in the center of the city of Barcelona where its members and visitors can enjoy comfort of our installation and services. The RCNB is an associate founder of the Mediterranean International Committee (Comité Internacional del Mediterraneo, CIM), the Spanish Yacht Clubs Association (AECN) and Barcelona Sports and Culture (Sport Cultura Barcelona). It is affiliated with the Spanish Royal Sailing Federation (Real Federacion Española de Vela, RFEV), the Catalan Sailing Federation (Federación Catalana de Vela, FCV), the National Royal Association of Cruisers (Real Asociación Nacional de Cruceros,RANC) the Catalonian Federation of Speedboat Racing (Federación Catalana de motonáutica,FCM) and the Lonely Sailors Association (Associació de Navegants Solitaris ).   


The RCNB has as its main objective the promotion and development of the sport of sailing. Also, secondarily, its purpose is to organize events and activities, sporting, cultural and otherwise, as well as nonprofit teaching the sport of sailing (2nd Article of Estatutos Sociales RCNB). 


The RCNB aims to become a benchmark organization in our country, influencing how many associations, forums, organizations and sports federations related to sailing, and nonprofit, exist in our area. Also it aims to be the reference point and meeting place, private and exclusive, of people who share interests about its objects, seeking excellence in its services and facilities to be provided by this objective.  

Last Updated:  Thursday, October 25, 2018