Photo Gallery 


The Photo Gallery presents photos of ICOYC World Forums, Regional Meetings, and Cruises. The photos are visible to anyone accessing the public (no login required) side of the website. The photo albums are organized by year and by event. These albums are created from photos taken by the participants in ICOYC events. Contact  if you have photos to share with other ICOYC members.

Photo Management System

We use the SmugMug system ( Viewers can download selected images and ICOYC members can upload their photos to the website editor for eventual inclusion into existing albums. Read below to see how to use the features of SmugMug for viewing and uploading photos. 

Quick Link to Photo Albums

In SmugMug (, click on the "play" button (right pointing triangle) to view albums in the Slideshow format, or the "download" button (downwards pointing arrow) to download individual photos or albums

Recently Posted:

Coming in Mid-September: 2018 BC Sunshine Coast Cruise, 03-13 September 2018, Royal Vancouver and Seattle Yacht Clubs

2018 World Forum, San Francisco, 17-20 April 2018,
St. Francis Yacht Club/San Francisco Yacht Club

2018 World Forum Regatta, prepared by Meredith Laitos, presenter in Session 4. Photos ¬© Chris Ray. 

2017 Americas Regional Conference, 20-22 October 2017, Chicago Yacht Club

2017 European Regional Conference, 13-15 October 2017, Societe Nautique de Marseile



Last updated Sunday, August 19, 2018)


How to Use the ICOYC SmugMug Site

The photo albums stored on the ICOYC Smugmug site at The photos can be viewed by the general public. 


Viewing the Albums

  1. From your internet browser, enter
  2.  You should see a screen containing the ICOYC globe logo. 
  3. Scroll down to see the album directory of folders by year.     
  4. Click on the desired year to display the albums for that year.
  5. Now select an album within the desired year by clicking on the image of the named album.
  6. The album opens and displays thumbnails of the photos in the album.
  7. Clicking on a thumbnail image displays a larger view of it.
  8. Now move forwards or backwards through the album with the arrows to the left and right of the photo.
  9. An automatic slideshow can be run by clicking the "Play" icon (right-pointing triangle just to the left of the "Buy Photos" shopping cart) at the top of the thumbnails..
  10. You can order prints of specific images or build your own downloadable book of photos by clicking on "Buy Photos". You also buy other items (mugs, postcards, photo stickers, mouse pads, etc.) by clicking on the Keepsakes tab in the shopping cart.
  11. Finally specific images can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon at the top of the album or within a specific image. The selected images will be packed up in a ZIP file and a link will be shown.
  12. When finished with the album, return to the main menu by clicking on the Home symbol near the top left corner.    

Adding Your Photos to the Albums

Members are more than welcome to share their photos with fellow ICOYC members by uploading photos to the ICOYC Smugmug site. Unfortunately, the upload facility is not generally available to the viewers, only to the photo system administrator. Please upload your photos to a cloud-based storage site and send a link to the photo system administrator. Alternatively, you can send photos by snail mail with optical discs or flash drives. Please let the Webeditor know with an e-mail to and tell us what you want to do and how many photos are in the album.


Guidelines for Good Photos

The albums should contain a highly selected group of photos which show ICOYC and its members at our best. This means edit, edit, edit.

Don't send photo that are:

  • "Boring" views of far distance sights or "yet another" picture of a bunch of boats

  • Show people drinking

  • Embarrassing to the people in the photo or to ICOYC