Beginning when the Royal Vancouver YC organized the inaugural ICOYC cruise in 2009, the cruising activities of the Council have continued to grow and flourish. ICOYC encourages its Member Clubs to organize group cruises for ALL members of member clubs and to post the details on the website. Cruises do not have to be not be associated with a Forum or other ICOYC activity.

The Upcoming Cruises section presents brief summaries of the cruises which are being planned over the next few years. The Cruise Details section contains detailed information of the upcoming cruises as well as reports on past cruises, some photos, and organizational details. The information is accessed by selecting the specific cruise in the table and clicking on the title of the cruise.

Last Updated Monday, January 27, 2020

Upcoming and Recent Cruises

These scheduled cruises are open to members of ICOYC Council clubs and are in planning. Preliminary details can be found in the Cruise Details table at the bottom of this page. Some of the cruises are scheduled to match up with the annual ICOYC Forums, while others are Council club cruises that have been opened to other members of Council clubs. Come back often to review this page as additional details on the cruises are published.

These cruises are open to all members of ICOYC Council clubs, not just Commodores and Flag Officers.

Cruise Masters: Is your club cruise open to other ICOYC clubs? Member club cruises which can be opened to members of ICOYC council clubs are a great way to showcase your club and your favorite cruising grounds. Invite members of other ICOYC clubs to join your fleet and enjoy their seamanship and social contributions.

Contact for an introduction to the Chair of Interclub Activities, who is responsible for coordinating these functions.


Cruise Sponsor Dates
NRV Caribbean Cruise on the SV Sea Cloud

Norddeutscher Regatta Verein 19-29 March 2021

Join members of NRV aboard the luxurious Sailing Vessel Sea Cloud as it cruises from the British Virgin Islands to St Lucia. Details can be found in the table below.
Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron's 51st Annual Cruise - To the Broken Bay Area
ICOYC members are invited to participate in this fun-filled club cruise.
Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron 14 - 21 April 2020

Details, the formal invitation, and registration, along with photos of the cruising area are posted in the drop-down "2020 April - 51st Annual Cruise..." folder below.
2020 Cruise Along England's Southern Coastline - Solent & Poole Harbours
The enthusiastic cruisers at Royal Southern have organized another one of their fun-filled cruises.
Royal Southern Yacht Club 31 August - 12 September 2020

Registration is now open!
Details and downloads are posted below in the the drop-down "2020 September - The Solent & Poole Harbour..." folder.

Select one of the cruises in the table below and pull down the red arrow to display the cruise details.


2015 Chesapeake Bay Cruise "Flavor of the Chesapeake"
  • 2021 March - NRV in the Caribbean on the SV Sea Cloud
    • Join NRV Members Cruising 2021
      aboard the "Sea Cloud"

      19-29 March 2021

      The NRV is planning to offer an exclusive cruise in SY “Sea Cloud” – a four masted bark – for its members in the year 2021.

      The ship – originally named “Hussar II” – was built in 1931 at the “Germania Shipyard” in Kiel / GERMANY for its US American owners Mr. Edward Francis Hutton, a very successful Wall Street stock broker, and his wife Mrs. Marjorie Merriweather Post who – being extremely wealthy – then were the owners of the well-known US food stuff manufacturer “General Foods”.  

      At that time it was the biggest and most luxurious private sailing yacht in the world. The ship’s overall length is 110 m, it is 15 m wide and has a draft of 5 m and in 1931 cost some 900,000 US Dollars to build. Under full sail of 3,160 m² and sailing close to the wind the ship reaches a speed of up to 12 knots. It is also equipped with 2 diesel engines with in total 1,500 horsepower driving the ship under engine power up to 10 knots via 2 propellers. 

      After having been on duty for the US Coast Guard during World War II the ship changed ownership several times and saw many different kinds of uses in the years to follow. It was finally saved by its current owners from a sad ending at the wreckers’ yard and was subsequently overhauled completely with the luxurious and precious interior being entirely refurbished and restored to its original condition and appearance.

      The ship now sails as a cruise ship under the name of “Sea Cloud” and is operated by the Hamburg based shipping company “Sea Cloud Cruises GmbH” whose owners are in part also members of the NRV.  

      The NRV has in the past already once before organized a cruise in SY “Sea Cloud” for its members through the Mediterranean which has been a complete success. Consequently, it is no wonder that NRV members are again highly interested to once again make the ship the center of activity during a nice cruise in the year 2021. This time the cruise is planned to take place in Caribbean waters.

      Unlike in the past we intend not to restrict participation in the planned cruise to NRV members alone but would like to also invite members of other ICOYC Clubs interested in this cruise to join our members aboard SY “Sea Cloud” on that occasion. So, members of other ICOYC Clubs are cordially invited to indicate their interest for participation in this cruise to the undersigned by email to: 

      A brochure showing the itinerary can be downloaded from HERE


      Wolfgang Weber – Delegate

      International Affairs

  • 2020 September - The Solent & Poole Harbour - Royal Southern Yacht Club
    • ICOYC Cruise 2020
      the Solent &
      PoolE Harbour

      31 August to 12 September 2020

      Organized by
      the Royal Southern Yacht Club


      Last updated Tuesday, December 10, 2019

      Invitation and Welcome Message

      In September 2020, we offer all ICOYC members a warm welcome back to the Solent – the backyard of Lord Nelson, where many of his fighting ships were built. The Royal Southern YC is delighted to have been asked to organise the 11th ICOYC cruise, which will take in all the major historical sites of the region as well as some outstanding cruising in the protected waters between England and the Isle of Wight. During the cruise, you will be visiting many of the Solent harbours and rivers including, Lymington, Poole, Yarmouth, Beaulieu, Cowes and Portsmouth. In Lymington we will be having drinks at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club which have recently joined the ICOYC and then in Poole we will be having supper at the Royal Motor Yacht Club which have also recently joined the ICOYC.
      The opening and closing dinners will be held in our own clubhouse on the river Hamble, with all participating yachts berthed in our adjacent yacht haven. Marina berths at all the locations visited will be pre-booked by the organising committee and the programme will leave sufficient free time to allow you to indulge in your favourite pursuits ashore.
      We are looking forward to welcoming ICOYC friends to our home waters, providing us the opportunity to return the generous hospitality we have enjoyed in all the previous cruises around the world.

      Visit the official Royal Southern YC Cruise Page for the latest and greatest news.

      Graham Nixon, Commodore
      October 17, 2019

      Overview of the Schedule
      Download the schedule as a PDF file.

      Cruise Briefing and Presentation

      Download the 35 page, 7 MB PDF  Version 7B, PowerPoint version (50 MB).


      Skippers' Handbook

      Download the 23 page, 3 MB PDF  Version V5F, 07 Dec 2019.  Contains chartlets of the harbours, current tables, images of sites en-route, and general cruise details. 

      Charter Company

      Details on charter boats and costs can be found HERE

      Registration Information

      The fleet is limited to a maximum of 20 boats, 10 local and 10 from overseas, whether they be chartered or sailed to the UK. Priority will be given to local boats willing to take guests from overseas. The entry fee is £100 for each boat payable by the end of January 2020 and £300 per person payable by the end of June, both these fees are payable by the skipper. We will email details on how participants should pay after they have registered.  

      Please find the registration form links below:


      For registration details and additional information, contact Maggie Widdop, Rear Commodore Sailing at 


  • 2020 April - 51st Annual Cruise - Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

    • Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
      Invites Members of ICOYC Clubs to Their
      51st Annual Cruise

      Download the full cruise description HERE.  This eight-page PDF has a full cruise summary, contact information for registration, and lovely photos of the cruising area.

      Pass these documents to others in your club. Enjoy the warm sunshine of Australia in April.


      51st Annual Cruise Overview


      Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron’s (RSYS) Annual Cruise Committee cordially invites cruising yachts, racing yachts and motor boats to participate in the 51st Annual Cruise to the Broken Bay area which includes Pittwater, Cowan Creek and Coal & Candle Creek.
      The Cruise is designed to bring families and friends together, to enjoy the best pristine cruising grounds of any location on Australia’s east coast. What could be better than being anchored in one of the dozens of secluded bays in company with other yachts, sharing this wonderful location?
      The 2020 Annual Cruise will be held the week after Easter, 14 – 21 April 2020. Gather your family and friends together and borrow, charter or bring your own boat to enjoy a great week on board and ashore. Many lifelong friendships have been forged on Squadron Cruises.
      For competitive participants, there is also a program of up to seven races, comprising five inshore races and two passage races (Sydney to Broken Bay and return, approx. 18nm). Yachts can enter one or any number of races that suit their crewing arrangements. Crew positions would be available on racing boats.
      The social program provides the opportunity to assemble in a different location almost every evening. There is something for everyone: an evening BBQ on the beach, progressive dinner on board, Galley Gourmet Challenges (cooking competitions), Paella Night at Kuring-Gai Motor Yacht Club (KMYC), casual dinner at the Royal Motor Yacht Club (RMYC) and much more.
      The Squadron provides support in the form of MV Mischief which doubles as the race committee boat and base for the management of all activities. The Squadron also provides a RIB with driver for limited tender service to scheduled events. This ensures that everyone can get the maximum benefit out of their participation and have a stress-free holiday.
      So, if you are (or aspire to become) a keen Cruiser and would like to enjoy a fabulous holiday, please join us to experience the wonder of the Broken Bay area and to enjoy cruising with like-minded people.
      John Taylor
      Cruise Captain
      Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

  • 2019 April - 50th Annual Cruise - Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
    • Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron invites members of ICOYC clubs to join its fleet on their 50th Annual Cruise.

      Download the full cruise description HERE.

      Pass these documents to others in your club. Enjoy the warm sunshine of Australia in April.

      50th Annual Cruise Summary

      Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron’s (RSYS) Annual Cruise Committee cordially invites cruising yachts, racing yachts and motor boats to participate in the 50th Annual Cruise to the Broken Bay area which includes Pittwater, Cowan Creek and Coal & Candle Creek.

      The Cruise is designed to bring families and friends together, to enjoy the best pristine cruising grounds of any location on Australia’s east coast. What could be better than being anchored in one of the dozens of secluded bays in company with other yachts, sharing this wonderful location?

      The 2019 Annual Cruise will be held the week before Easter, 12 – 18 April. Gather your family and friends together and borrow, charter or bring your own boat to enjoy a great week on board and ashore. Many lifelong friendships have been forged on Squadron Cruises. As you will note from the proposed program, the Cruise ends on the evening of Thursday 18th April. We suggest all participants should consider staying on in the area to enjoy the Easter break.

      For competitive participants, there is also a program of up to six races, comprising five inshore races and one passage race (Sydney to Broken Bay approx. 18nm). Yachts can enter one or any number of races that suit their crewing arrangements. Crew positions would be available on racing boats.

      The social program provides the opportunity to assemble in a different location almost every evening. There is something for everyone: an evening BBQ on the beach, progressive dinner on board, Galley Gourmet Challenges (cooking competitions), Pizza Night at Kuring-Gai Motor Yacht Club (KMYC), casual dinner at the Royal Motor Yacht Club (RMYC) and much more.

      The Squadron provides support in the form of MV Mischief which doubles as the race committee boat and base for the management of all activities. The Squadron also provides a RIB with driver for limited tender service to scheduled events. This ensures that everyone can get the maximum benefit out of their participation and have a stress-free holiday.

      So, if you are (or aspire to become) a keen Cruiser and would like to enjoy a fabulous holiday, please join us to experience the wonder of the Broken Bay area and to enjoy cruising with like-minded people.

      John Taylor
      Cruise Captain
      Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

  • 2018 April - 49th Annual Cruise - Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
    • Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron invites members of ICOYC clubs to join its fleet on their 49th Annual Cruise.

      Download the full cruise description HERE.

      Download the cruise flyer HERE

      Pass these documents to others in your club. Enjoy the warm sunshine of Australia in April.

      Invitation Letter

      On behalf of the RSYS Cruise Committee, cruising yachts, racing yachts and motor boats are cordially invited to participate in the 49th Annual Cruise to Broken Bay, Cowan Creek, Coal and Candle Creek and Pittwater; 21 to 28 April 2018.
      The cruise is designed to bring together families and friends for a week to enjoy, the best pristine cruising grounds of any location on Australia’s east coast. What could be better than being anchored in one of the dozens of secluded bays in company with other yachts, sharing with friends this wonderful location?

      It is held in the second week of the school holidays so why not get together a group of friends, borrow, charter or bring your own boat and have a great family week on board? Many lifelong friendships have been made on Squadron Cruises.

      For competitive participants, there is also a program of up to six races comprising four inshore races and two passage races (Sydney to Pittwater and return). Yachts can enter one or any number of racing events that suits their crewing arrangements. The Notice of Race is included as an appendix. Sailing Instructions will be issued separately.

      The social program provides the opportunity to assemble in a different location almost every evening. There is something for everyone; an evening BBQ ashore, progressive dinner on board, Galley Gourmet Challenges, a picnic ashore at Coasters Retreat and lunches at excellent local restaurants and cafes.

      The Squadron provides support in the form of
      MV Mischief which doubles as the race committee boat and base for the management of all activities including publication of the daily Cruise News. The Squadron also provides an RIB with driver for limited tender service to scheduled events. This ensures that everyone can get the maximum benefit out of their participation and have a trouble-free holiday.

      The cost of your entry is shown in the Notice of Race. So, if you are a keen cruising person and would like to enjoy a fabulous holiday please join in, to experience the wonder of Broken Bay and to enjoy cruising with company.

      Arthur Psaltis
      Cruise Captain
      Royal Sydney yacht Squadron
  • 2018 September - Tahiti - Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

    • Come to Tahiti With Us!

      Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
      invites fellowbers go join them in a  cruise in Tahiti on chartered catamarans, 15-29 September 2018.  The cruise is organized by Mariner Boating Holidays.

      Book a Catamaran

      Choose from a fleet of Lagoon and Catana catamarans ranging from 42ft to 55ft and with 4 double cabins.Options available for groups of 4 people to 12 people.  Prices from AU$5,495 per person.

      Join a Crew

      Book a private cabin on a professionally skippered 50ft 'share-boat' and let someone else do the sailing for you. Housekeeping and cooking is a shared responsibility amongst your crew, but you can participate in sailing as much or as little as you like.  Priced at AU$5,820 per person twin share.


      Additional information can be found by downloading the following sources:


      Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron members Peter and Jenny McConnell recently finished the 2017 Tahiti cruise and posted their experiences on


      Level 2, 425 - 429 Pacific Highway Crows Nest, NSW 2065 Australia

      Toll free: 1300 131 724* 

      Phone: Australia +61 2 9966 1244


      Updated Thursday, February 27, 2020
  • 2018 September - British Columbia Sunshine Coast - Royal Vancouver YC/Seattle YC
    • british columbia sunshine coast

      03-13 september 2018

       Royal Vancouver Yacht Club     Seattle Yacht Club

      Chatterbox Falls, Princess Louisa Inlet, BC
      photo by Bob Miller


      Cruise the waters and fjords of British Columbia, Canada, along the Sunshine Coast and visit Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox Falls.


      Cruise Report
      (05 Oct 2018)
      by John Robertson, Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

      Cruise Report in the Southern Magazine
      (Autumn 2018)
      by Graham Nixon, Royal Southern Yacht Club


      (Unfortunately the hot links don't work, you will have to scroll down to view the specific section of interest.)

      • Cruise Committee
      • Downloads
      • Fleet Size
      • Costs
      • Payments
      • Itinerary
      • Day by Day
      • Charter Companies
      • Photo Gallery

      Last updated Friday, January 11, 2019


      Cruise Committee

      Contact them at

       Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
      Val and John Robertson
       Seattle Yacht Club
      Pam and Chuck Lowry
      Webmaster and Cruise Registrar
      Bob Miller 


      • Skippers' Handbook - details on the cruise, with chartlets of each day's route, 58 pages FINAL VERSION (05 August 2018)
      • Detailed Itinerary -  Day-by-Day itinerary, as shown below

      Fleet Size

      The fleet will be limited to 30 boats: 10 from Royal Vancouver YC, 10 from Seattle YC, and 10 chartered or owned boats from other ICOYC clubs. The host club boats will be encouraged to carry one or two guest members from other ICOYC clubs and preference will be given to those who carry other ICOYC members.

      Members from clubs other than RVYC and SYC should plan on combining with fellow club members or those from other ICOYC clubs to fill their charter boats. A few people who don't have a charter boat may be provided berths on boats from Royal Vancouver and Seattle. The registration form indicates whether or not your boat can carry other people and indicates whether or not you are looking for a ride on someone else's boat. 


      The cruise fee is CDN$300 per person and CDN$200 per vessel. A deposit of CDN$100 per person and CDN$200 per vessel must be made upon receipt of acceptance. Final payments are due by 10 July 2018. If you have to cancel your reservations, deposits will be returned IF a replacement vessel and crew are found.


      Deposits will be requested when a slot in the fleet is assigned to the boat. Final payments will be expected by 10 July 2018.

      Credit Cards

      Payments by credit card can be made by phone during normal business hours (GMT-8) to the Royal Vancouver YC Controller, Vivian Waung, at +1 604 224-1344 (ask to speak with Vivian). A four percent surcharge will be added to the payment. Please provide ;your assigned fleet number, name of boat, and name of skipper.


      Payments by bank draft can be made in Canadian Dollars directly to the ICOYC. The cheque should include: Registrants name, registration number, yacht club, and reference "ICOYC 2018 Cruise." Mail cheques to:
      International Council of Yacht Clubs
      3811 Pt Grey Road
      Vancouver, BC  V6R 1B3

      Wire Transfers

      Not supported.


      We have planned an eleven-day cruise from Vancouver, British Columbia, up along BC’s Sunshine Coast to the glacial fjord of Princess Louisa Inlet. The cruise will cover 215 nautical miles (350 km) along the edge of the Straits of Georgia (great for sailing) and into the glacier-eroded western edge of mainland British Columbia. The official cruise will end on Thursday, September 13 back in Vancouver. Participants are welcome to extend their cruise individually or with other cruise participants.

      We will take you from the modern hustle of Vancouver to quaint small waterfront towns to quiet and deep glacial inlets. You will see waterfalls, varied marine life (great viewing opportunities for orcas and whales), and one of the fastest running tidal channels in the world. We have stops at outstations of Seattle Yacht Club and Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, funky Northwest marinas, and lovely anchorages.

      On Day 0, Sunday, Sept 2, you make your way to Vancouver, where you can check out your boat and purchase provisions. Days 1-11 are part of the cruise, with the kickoff Opening Dinner at Royal Vancouver’s Jericho Clubhouse, as well as the final official closing banquet at back at the Royal Vancouver on Thursday, 13 September.

      Day by Day

      Download the detailed itinerary, with additional notes, HERE.   

      Date Origin Destination Naut'l Miles Total Miles Notes.
      Updated -14 June 2018
      3-Sept, Monday Vancouver <Marinas selected by Skippers> Arrival in Vancouver and check out charter boats, provision for cruise. Hosted Opening Dinner at Royal Vancouver YC and purchased beverages.
      4-Sept, Tuesday Vancouver RVYC Alexandra Outstation, Centre Bay, Gambier Island. Hosted dinner, beverages on own. 20 20 Open water from English Bay into Howe Sound, rounding Bowen Island, and up towards Gambier Island. Good sailing. Opening Greenbox, Hosted dinner, beverages on own.
      5-Sept, Wednesday Alexandra Outstation, Gambier Island Garden Bay, Pender Harbour, dock at either at RVYC or SYC outstations. 42 62 Sunshine Coast along edge of Rosario Strait, through coastal islands, good sailing. Greenbox at SYC. Dinner on own, dinghy needed to reach some restaurants.
      6-Sept, Thursday Pender Harbour Egmont, Egmont Marina, public docks, for 6-7 boats, Moorage paid in cash by each boat. Dark Cove anchorage, near Goliath Bay for rest of fleet. 14 76 Short run up Agamemnon Chanel to head of Skookumchuck Narrows. People on the docks can hike to the head of Skookumchuk Rapids to watch second largest tidal flow in world. Dinner on own.
      7-Sept, Friday Egmont Chatterbox Falls, Princess Louisa Inlet, Limited dock space, few mooring buoys, or deep water anchorage. 34 110 Scenic run up the Reaches (fjords) to Princess Louisa, pay attention to tidal currents at rapids. Dinner on own, no restaurants.
      8-Sept, Saturday Chatterbox Falls <lay day> Enjoy the day exploring Princess Louisa and Chatterbox Falls. Greenbox and Potluck Dinner on the dock.
      9-Sept, Sunday Princess Louisa Inlet Egmont. Anchorage in Harmony Islands pr Darl Cove or 5-6 vessels in Backeddy Marina, public docks. Docked boats should be different ones than on Sept 6. Moorage paid by each boat. 35 145 Return Egmont area, plan for slack current at Malibu Rapids. Dinner on own.
      Optionally, cruisers can split off from the group and explore other anchorages in Jervis Inlet, notably Blind Bay, and rejoin the fleet later.
      10-Sept, Monday Egmont area Garden Bay, Pender Harbour, dock at either at RVYC or SYC outstations 25 170 Short run back to Pender Harbour, sailing opportunities in the open waters in Jervis Inlet. Hosted Hamburger Night at Garden Bay Pub, beverages on own.
      11-Sept, Tuesday Pender Harbour <lay day> Dinghy cocktail cruise into Gunboat Bay. Bring hors d'oeuvres to share, beverages on own.
      12 Sept, Wednesday Pender Harbour Bowen Island, Union Steamship Co., public docks. Moorage paid by each boat 40 210 Cruise back along Sunshine Coast, good sailing. Hosted Salmon Barbecue on lawn.
      13 Sept, Thursday Bowen Island Vancouver 10 220 Turn your boats in, clean-up, afternoon free. Hosted wrap-up dinner and purchased beverages at RVYC Jericho.



      Charter Companies

      Most of the ICOCY clubs will charter their boats from Vancouver, BC, although some more adventurous members may want take longer cruises from the USA, notably Anacortes, WA, and cruise through the US San Juan Islands and the BC Gulf Islands on their way to Vancouver.

      Note: Be sure to ask your charter company to include a stern line and dinghy. We will be anchoring in a few locations and having a dinghy will be vital. A stern line (the charter companies will know that this is) is needed in small anchorages to limit swinging.

      Also, make sure that the charter company allows its boats to transit Malibu Rapids. 

      Cooper Boating
      This company is offering a discount for ICOYC members and is holding 10 of their sailing vessels for the cruise. Mention ICOYC to Dawn when inquiring about the discount.

      Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C. 
      888 999-6419 (toll free North America)
      1 604 687-4110 (Vancouver)


      Blue Pacific Yacht Charters

      Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C.
      1800 237-2392 (toll free)
      1 604 682-2161 (Vancouver)

      Desolation Yacht Charters

      Comox, B.C
      1 877 647-3815 (toll free)
      1 250 339-4914 or 1 250 339-7222 (Comox)

      Nanaimo Yacht Charters

      Nanaimo, B.C.
      1 877 754-8601 (toll free)
      1 250 754-8601 (Nanaimo)

      North West Coastal Charters

      Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C.
      1 604 283-2330 (Vancouver)
      1 604 671-3490 (Vancouver)


      Photo Gallery

      Cruise photos posted in Photo Gallery.

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  • 2017 July - Sailing in the Finnish Archipelago - NJK Nyländska Jaktklubben
    • ICOYC Cruise in Finland
      29 July - 06 August 2017

      Nyländska Jaktklubben (NJK)


      Last updated Thursday, February 27, 2020

      Cruise Report

      Cruise report by Maggie Widdop of Royal Southern Yacht Club. Great set of photos. 

      Cruise director Jan Hórhammer writes, "Welcome to sailing in the Finnish Archipelago. It is a different type of sailing, with the many islands and islets, various routes and interesting navigation, and - no tides! The planned route takes us through different types of archipelago where you can enjoy nature. Take a side trip on one day and rejoin the group the next day. Experience "Sailing in a forest" as Peter Pye expressed in his book Moonraker in the Baltic. Everything is possible! Join the cruise soon as we are limited to 20 yachts. Registration is now open and closes on April 10th."  
        We are planning to sail from Mariehamn on the Aland Islands to Helsinki. The cruise is planned to start on Saturday 29th during the day and end on Sunday August 6th. There will be possibilities to rent a boat in Mariehamn and leave it in Helsinki. You will reach Mariehamn by plane from Stockholm and Helsinki or by Ferry from Stockholm, Turku and Helsinki.      

      Presentation of the Cruise

      The cruise is described in an excellent PowerPoint presentation suitable for viewing in member clubs to interested cruisers. The route, historic weather, cruising views, charter companies, and organizational details are included. 

      Download the cruise overview, version 5, dated 07 Oct 2016, in PowerPoint or in PDF.

      Registration Form

      Please download and fill out the cruise registration form below. Then send the form to Cruise Commander Jan Hörhammer at

      MS Word Version

      Adobe PDF version

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  • 2015 October - Chesapeake Bay Cruise - Annapolis Yacht Club
      OCTOBER 02 - OCTOBER 10, 2015

      Hosted by Annapolis Yacht Club

      Successful and Fun Cruise
      A short report by Royal Southern YC Cruisers

      28 October 2015
      For the attention of Commodore Rodrick Jabin


      Dear Commodore,


      We have just returned a few days ago to England after three weeks travelling around Virginia and on behalf of Maggie and myself, Russell and Helen Tribe and Martin and Christine Hoar, who made up the crew of St Bert, we wish to thank everyone involved in our wonderful cruise on Chesapeake Bay.


      It really was the most brilliant experience and our special thanks go to you and  the members the Annapolis Yacht Club who hosted us so well.  The whole event was perfectly organised from the very beginning, including the near hurricane!  John Patmore and Bill Torgerson put together a most marvelous week and we wish to thank them and all the members of the Club for their kindness and for all the delicious food that we were given.


      We will never forget the visit to Bill and Maureen's lovely home and the fantastic music of The Oyster Boys.   St Bert also wish to thank Eric and Shelley Rubin for their hospitality and berth on our Breakout Group at Burley Creek.


      Thank you all for your kindness and for giving us the opportunity to sample a wonderful part of American life.   Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved.  


      With our very best wishes,


      Tim and Maggie Stokes

      Saint Bert

      Royal Southern Yacht Club

      Photo Album of Cruise

      A photo album of the cruise can be viewed on the cruise page in Photo Gallery
      Cruise participants can upload their photos to the album with the Phanfare tool or send them to for posting. Instructions on how to upload photos and to use the Phanfare site are displayed on the Photo Gallery page.

      Cruise Details

      Charter Boats - For USA Guests

      Please contact      Annapolis Bay Charters        Port Annapolis Marina, 7080 Bembe Beach Road     Attention: Ms. Chris DeSimone     410-268-2308 or 1-800-991-1776       or please use their website at: 

      Charter Boats - For Guests Outside of the USA

      Please contact 
          Dream Yacht Charter 
          Annapolis Marina, 7080 Bembe Beach Road 
          Attention: Ms. Chris DeSimone 
          or please use their website at: 

      Costs and Fees

      The Per Person Regular Fee is US$575.00 for those who register after 31 May 2015.

      A discounted EARLY BIRD fee of US$475.00 is available for those who register on or before 31 May 2015. 

      Please note: a 50% deposit will be charged at the time of registration, with the full remaining balance being due on August 31, 2015.

      Annapolis Yacht Club Invites all ICOYC Members to Join the Cruise

      "Heaven and earth never agreed better to frame a place for man ... there are mountains, hills, plaines, valleyes, rivers, and brookes, all running most pleasantly into a faire Bay, compassed but for the mouth, with fruitful and delightsome land.” - Captain John Smith, 1606 

      The Annapolis Yacht Club (“AYC”) is pleased to invite you to join its members on a joint ICOYC/AYC Cruise. The 2015 ICOYC Cruise will take place from Friday, October 2 through Saturday, October 10. The cruise is open to all members of ICOYC clubs.

      The Chesapeake Bay

      The Chesapeake Bay is a large, historic, and beautiful estuary (200+ miles long) in U.S. Mid-Atlantic region. The “Bay” is considered one of the most delightful cruising areas in the United States. In particular, its Eastern Shore, where our cruise will focus, is renowned for its quiet, pastoral scenery and attractive little towns, which make it a desirable destination for all boaters.


      Our cruise will begin and end in Annapolis. Annapolis is proud of its colonial heritage and maritime roots. It is the State Capital of Maryland, and home to the United States Naval Academy. Annapolis is also well known as the center of sailing and boating, and is self-titled “America’s Sailing Capital.” 

      Annapolis Yacht Club

      The cruise will be hosted and organized by the Annapolis Yacht Club, a full service, year-round, private yacht club that provides its members high-quality programs which include sailboat racing, sail and power cruising, a vigorous junior sailing program, fun and educational winter activities, social events, and first class dining and banquet facilities.

      The 2015 ICOYC Chesapeake Bay Cruise

      Our Cruise will take the participants from Annapolis to several quiet anchorages and two Eastern Shore towns: Oxford and St Michaels. Our proposed itinerary of ~110 nm will include two venues where we will anchor out, and one day will be dedicated to an adventure or excursion of your own choosing. The conclusion of the cruise will be coincident with the US Sailboat Show, which is one of the largest in-water sailboat shows in the world. 

      Useful Information

      Weather: The Chesapeake Bay has a temperate climate. Early October is the beginning of the Fall (autumn) season, with temperatures reduced to a reasonable 75⁰ F daytime high and 60⁰ F low (24⁰ C -16⁰ C.) Weather disturbances become more likely, leading to periods of rain for a few hours and cool northerly winds which last a few days. 

      Transport: Annapolis is very close to Baltimore-Washington airport, with two other major airports (Reagan-National and Dulles) within easy reach. Amtrak’s NE Corridor railroad also serves the region. 

      The Region: Annapolis is close to Washington D.C. with all its national museums and other historic attractions. The area also includes spectacular scenery in various National Parks, and is not too far from New England, where fall foliage will be at its best. 

      Preliminary Cruise and Activities Plan



      • Morning: Arrival in Annapolis, MD. Registration with the Charter Fleets (to be completed separately by the chartering party).
      • Afternoon: Guided walking tour of the United States Naval Academy and Museum. Guided walking tour of the City of Annapolis. Both are optional. Free time to explore the City of Annapolis independently.
      • Evening: Meet and Greet Reception at Annapolis Yacht Club. Cruise registration. Cruise packages will be distributed and a brief presentation of the cruise will be presented. There will be a burgee swap between AYC and visiting yacht clubs.
      • Heavy hors d’oeuvres will be served. There will be an open bar serving wine and beer; liquor and mixed drinks will be pay as you go.
      • Dinner, on your own, is available at AYC or one of the fine restaurants within walking distance.


      Destination: Aberdeen Creek on the North Shore of the South River 
      38 degrees 56.8 minutes N; 76 degrees 31.2 minutes W. 
      Distance from Annapolis – approx. 12 miles 


      • An informal outdoor lawn party and cookout at the home of AYC Past Commodore and Mrs. Wm. (Bill) Torgerson.
      • Beer, wine, and soft drinks will be provided. Liquor; please bring your own.

      Arrival is by boat only. 
      Limited docking for those with particular needs. Contact Bill Torgerson at 410-919-3756.


      Destination: Baby Owl Cove, Leadenham Creek
      38 degrees 44.8 minutes N; 076 degrees 16.6 minutes W. 
      Broad Creek (Choptank River) on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. 
      Distance from Aberdeen Creek – approx. 30 miles approx 


      • Optional anchorage, informal raft party, BYOB and hors d’oeuvres. Some Cruisers may wish to be independent and explore other locales or proceed to the next stop.


      Destination: Oxford, MD
      38 degrees 41.6 minutes N; 76 degrees 10.4 minutes W
      On the Tred Avon River off the Choptank River. 
      Distance from Baby Owl Cove – approx. 11 miles 


      • Guided walking tour of Oxford
      • Tour of Cutts and Case Traditional and Wooden Boat building yard
      • Cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres at Tred Avon Yacht Club (TAYC)
      • Dinner at the Robert Morris Inn (Historical site 1776)

      Docking/Marina facilities: 
      Brewer Yacht Yards (formerly Oxford Boat Yard and Mears Marina) are holding 20 slips for us. 30 and 50 amps service, fuel and pump out service are available.
      Tred Avon YC can accommodate 20 boats and have 5 moorings just away from the docks. Anchoring out is also available just off the Strand adjacent to Tred Avon YC.


      Destination: St. Michaels, MD
      38 degrees 47.2 minutes N; 76 degrees 13.1 minutes W. 
      Distance from Oxford, MD – approx. 35 miles (via Blackwalnut Point) 


      • Informal cocktail party with light hors d’oeuvres (all BYO), on the grounds of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum (CBMM).
      • Dinner on your own at the Miles River YC or at one of the fine restaurants in town.

      Docking/Marina facilities:
      Space has been reserved at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum 
      Some Cruisers may wish to stop overnight en route to St. Michaels or one of the many tributaries along the route.

      Wednesday, October 7

      Destination: St. Michaels, MD: This will be a lay day.


      • Guided tours of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and the Town of St. Michaels.
      • "Flavor of the Chesapeake" dinner at the Miles River Yacht Club

        Shuttle service to be provided. 


      Destination(s): Various – see below – distance(s) unknown

      Activities: The Fleet will be divided into small groups of approximately 10 boats per group. Each group will be the guest of an AYC member at their house for a casual evening of drinks and refreshments. The venues will be on the Western Shore within about 10 miles of Annapolis. The menus and activities will be determined by the host/hostess at a later date. The groups will be selected randomly at a later date by the Cruise Leaders.



      Destination: Annapolis, MD 
      38 degrees 58.4 minutes N; 76 degrees 29.1 minutes W. 


      • Farewell/Closing Dinner at Annapolis YC.
      • Shuttle service will be provided for the charter fleet to and from AYC.
      • This event concludes the formal portion of the cruise.



      • Close out the charter formalities.
      • Departure or continue your vacation in the United States.
  • 2015 February – Huaraki Gulf – Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

      Following the 2015 Commodores' Forum in Auckland, New Zealand, 17-20 February 2015, join fellow ICOYC members on a cruise through the islands near Auckland.

      Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron


      Photos and Reports of the Cruise

      The cruise was a fabulous success. View the photos in the Photo Gallery.

      An article in the April 2015 ICOYC Newsletter on pages 4 and 5 written by Maggie Widdop of Royal Southern Yacht Club  can be downloaded HERE

      Pre-Cruise Announcements and Preparation

      Following the 2015 Commodores' Forum hosted by Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron during 17 - 20 February 2015, the Squadron invites all members of ICOYC Clubs to join them in a cruise through the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland on 21-26 February 2015.


      Cruise Agenda and Highlights - October 2014
      Charter Boat Information, - March 2014
      Registration Form - Register for the Post Forum Cruise on the Cruise Registration Form, or email .
      Cruise Costs - $250NZ Deposit - Final costs, depending on events, TBD.

      Brief Itinerary Outline

      Day One: Sail from RNZYS to Islington Bay, Rangitoto Island (8.5NM) 

      Day Two: Sail to Man O War Bay, Waiheke Island (18NM) 

      Day Three: Sail to Onetangi via Garden Cove (10NM) 

      Day Four: Sail to Tiri Tiri Matangi Island (lunch on the Island), then continue to Sullivan’s Bay, Mahurangi. 

      Day Five: Sail to Mansion House Bay, Kawau Island then continue to Lidgard House. (4.5NM) 

      Day Six: Sail to Vivian Bay, Kawau Island for lunch then sail home to Auckland. (36 NM) 

      Cruise Plan and  Activities


      Day 1 - 8.5 NM

      Departing from the marina mooring, sail to Rangitoto and depending on the wind strength and direction, moor in either sheltered Islington Bay located between Rangitoto and Motutapu Island, or Home Bay on the east side of Motutapu Island.

      Rangitoto Island

      A 800 year old volcanic island, part of the Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park, with stunning panoramic views from the summit of the Hauraki Gulf and Auckland city and suburbs.

      Islington Bay

      Perhaps the most used anchorage because of its close proximity to Auckland and its strategic position for yachts making for Waiheke Island. Sheltered and good holding anchorage on a thick mud.

      Home Bay

      A popular picnic spot in the early 1900s when ferry services ran to the bay from Auckland. Sheltered in winds from SW through W to N, while even in NE winds some shelter can be found inside the North entrance point. Good holding anchorage on mud in depth of 1.8 to 3.6 metres close to the jetty.


      - Leisurely 2hr round trip walk to summit of Rangitoto from Islington Bay 
      - Visit to historic and restored Reid Homestead in Home Bay which is now a visitor centre and base for the Motutapu Restoration Trust, which is committed to restoring the cultural and natural landscape of the island. Picnic lunch in the bay. 

      Day 2 - 18NM

      Sail to the eastern end of Waiheke Island to mooring at Man O War Bay, near the historic Stony Batter Reserve.

      Stony Batter

      Historic Reserve was a WWII Counter Bombardment Heavy Coast Defence Battery. The site is made up of three large gun pits and an extensive system of underground chambers linked by hundreds of metres of underground tunnels and stairs.

      Shore excursions and activities

      Explore the Stony Batter Historic Reserve and tunnels either with a guided tour run by the Stony Batter Protection and Restoration Society (between 10 am and 3 pm), or by yourself with a reliable torch – allow 1 – 1.5hrs. 
      • Guided tours: $15 per person 
      • Self-guided tours: $8 per person 
      Walk from Opopo Bay to Stony Batter on a track starts at the eastern end of the beach at Hooks Bay by following the green DOC track sign. The track heads up to Stony Batter, crossing farmland, following the orange marker poles. Time: 1 hr 40 min return.

      Private Wine tour and Lunch

      An exclusive tour of two especially selected premium boutique vineyards each with their own distinctive craftsmanship, including private wine tastings with a vintner of each estates premium wine selections. Waiheke Island’, described as the ‘Martha’s vineyard of the South Pacific’, Mediterranean-styled climate produces some exceptional trophy medal winning wines and award winning olive oil. Met by your host driver/guide at Man O War Bay and transported in premium vehicle. 
      Your first wine tasting will be at Man O’ War Vineyard, which boasts 150 acres of vines which are strategically placed to ensure that the distinct soil profile and microclimate of each block is used to best advantage. Meticulous design ensures that the distinct soil profile and microclimate of each block is used to best advantage with different rootstocks, clones and planting densities selected to match the specific terroir on offer. The vineyard has won international awards for their Flagship Black Label wines, which include Syrah and Chardonnay and a Bordeaux blend. 
      The next private wine tasting will be at Passage Rock with lunch to follow afterwards in their cafe set amongst the vineyard at Te Matuku Bay with stunning views out to the Hauraki Gulf. Specialising in producing Waiheke wines of distinction, Passage Rock’s award winning wines are fruit driven, backed by quality winemaking and the use of fine grained oak barrels. Since 2001 Passage Rock has become Waiheke Island's most awarded winery in both New Zealand and International competitions, winning multiple gold medals and trophies for their Reserve Syrah. 

      Passage Rocks other highly successful wines include Viognier, made to retain the beautiful aromatics of the variety with structure to make it last 4 to 5 years; their Chardonnays are made with retention of fruit and with good use of Malolactic fermentation and oak and their Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blends (Sisters, Reserve Merlot, and Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon) are made in full bodied styles are acclaimed as offering excellent representation of Waiheke wine. In 2007 they made their first Waiheke grown Pinot Gris with a ripe fleshy style with good aromatics and palate structure. 

      Day 3 - 10NM

      Sail to Onetangi via Garden Cove (weather defendant)

      Shore excursion - Private visit to Rangihoua Estate and lunch at Stonebridge

      You will be greeted by your personal host and guide at Onetangi Beach for an exclusive visit to Rangihoua Estate near Onetangi, where the first olive oil in the North Island was produced. Rangihoua’s award-winning olive oils have won many accolades since the first pressings. Here you will learn how the oil is produced and taste a range of different oils, including the peppery Greek-style Koreneiki, the Spanish-style Picual, or the Tuscan-style Frantoio, listed in 2013 by Flos Olei as one of the top 20 olive oils in the world. 
      After your olive oil tasting you will visit Stonyridge Vineyard for lunch. Founded in 1982, Stonyridge is a world-class producer of Cabernet blends and is the home of one of New Zealand’s cult wines, Larose. Here you can chill out in the Veranda café overlooking the rows of neatly trimmed vines while enjoying Pacific meets Mediterranean food and sample their premium estate wines before being delivered back to Onetangi Beach. 

      Day 4 - 26NM

      Sail from Waiheke Island to Tiri Tiri Matangi Island

      Tiritiri Matangi Island

      The island has no overnight anchorage but there is a pier, sheltered by a drying reef, on the SW end of the island. This jetty is used for servicing the lighthouse on the E side of the island and yachts can find temporary anchorage N of the wharf and behind the reef. There is 3.6 metres of water off the wharf on a hard sand bottom. This bay has a clean sandy beach good for picnics. Temporary anchorage can also be found on the Nth side of Tiritiri in SW winds but the approach must be made with caution. 
      Much of the island has been replanted in native trees and several species of birds including the Kakapo have been re-established on the island and the local Ranger is pleased to show visitors around. 


      Picnic on the island or a barbecue using a fireplace built in the woolshed bay ¼ mile NW of the jetty. Walk through the bush to see the native bird life and costal views. 
      After your visit sail onto the picturesque Sullivan’s Bay on the Mahurangi Peninsula for the nights mooring. Enjoy the lovely beach and scenic environs. 

      Mahurangi Harbour

      1 mile NE of the Puhoi River is Cudlip Pt, the high wooded point which forms the South side of the entrance to this fine natural harbour which was the site of large shipbuilding yards in the early days, the whole area being steeped in the history of early settlement in New Zealand when most of the transport was by sea. The entrance is protected by Saddle Island (Horora Is.), 1 mile offshore, and lies between Cudlip Pt and Sadler Pt. Within the entrance the harbour opens up and a number of attractive anchorages will be found, well sheltered from all winds. 

      Day 5 - 4.5NM

      Sail to Kawau Island and Mansion Bay

      Kawau Island

      The island has had an interesting history, firstly as early manganese and copper mining operations, then in the late 1800’s the Governor, a Sir George Grey, made the island his retreat. His handsome but small home Mansion House later became a hotel and is now an Historic Home museum. The island is a very popular spot with many sheltered anchorages, all on the West side. Yachts must anchor further offshore in stronger runs of tide.

      BON ACCORD HARBOUR – various bays and anchorages 
      Mansion House (Fontelaye) Bay & Two House Bay

      Adjacent to each other immediately inside Momona Pt, these areas are both exposed to W and NW winds and as a consequence not much favoured for overnight anchorages. 3.2m depth will be found abreast the end of the wharf in Mansion House Bay, from which the ferries run to Sandpit in the Matakana River. The bottom is sandy-mud. Note: Water tanks may be filled at the jetty. No water available for washing down. Facilities include: Tearooms, phone and rubbish bins.

      Shore excursions & activities

      - Visit to Mansion House and grounds. Walks on island to old copper mine. 
      - Private fishing charter – half day (or nominated hours) fishing option - great fishing area for snapper and kingfish

      Vivian Bay

      Sharp Pt, the site of an old Maori pa, is the Sth entrance point to this fine sandy bay with a 4.5 hectare reserve. The bay has a fine yellow sand beach and is sheltered from NE winds but very exposed to the W. The bottom is sand, fair holding anchorage. On the mainland shore of Kawau Bay a number of pleasant anchorages will be found.

      Shore excursion options include:

      Private guided half day visit to Brick Bay and Warkworth

      Catch the water taxi over from Waiheke over to Sandspit wharf be met on arrival for a visit to Brick Bay Sculpture trail and vineyard situated on the Mahurangi Penninsula, with its unique outdoor gallery where you can take a leisurely walk along a 2km trail of contemporary sculptures sensitively placed near wetlands, lakes and vineyards. At the gateway to the Brick Bay trail you will enjoy a seasonal platter of local fare and a taste of Brick Bay’s boutique wines in their contemporary glass house cafe. 

      On completion of your lunch, wine tasting and sculpture walk we will continue onto the town of Warkworth to see up close two magnificent 950 year old kauri trees set amoungst a native bush reserve. Kauri’ timber was much sort after for ships masts and spars because of their straight grain and strength - there are very few kauri’s of this size now left standing….

      Private guided half day sightseeing tour of Warkworth, Matakana and Puhoi

      The tour will encompass visiting Matakana farmers market, art galleries, Warkworth and the magnificent kauris, and a visit to the historic village of Puhoi with its quaint colonial buildings. Puhoi is one of only two truly ethnic settlements in New Zealand and was settled in 1863 by Bohemian migrants. The rustic Puhoi Hotel, one of the first Hotels in New Zealand to be granted a licence to serve and sell liquor, displays on its walls many memorabilia and photos donated by customers that are reminders of the history of the settlers and visitors. A visit to the Puhoi Valley Cheese & café where master cheese makers lovingly produce some of the finest quality specialty cheeses in the world, from creamy double cream brie, to the sophisticated goat feta, Puhoi Valley Cheese is a will delight you.


      Sail to Vivian Bay for lunch at the Beach House restaurant 

      Day 6 - 36NM

      Sail from Waiheke Island to Auckland and return your craft.

  • 2014 June - Circumnavigation of the Island of Elba - Yacht Club Italiano


       21-28 JUNE 2014



      Yacht Club Italiano


      Photos and Reports of the Cruise

      The cruise was a fabulous success. View the photos in the Photo Gallery

      Wolfgang Weber of NRV wrote this excellent report that can be downloaded HERE. Please feel free to distribute the report through your yacht club's publications. 

      An article in the September 2014 ICOYC Newsletter written by John and Connie McNeill can be downloaded HERE

      Information on the Cruise

      The material below describes the cruise while in planning mode and not all of the details may be accurate, nor do all of the links still work properly.


      A current updated PDF version of this brochure can be downloaded from  HERE
      Download the Registration form in MS Word or Adobe PDF format.
      Download a PowerPoint presentation on the cruise - PowerPoint   PDF  


      Circumnavigate the Island of Elba

      The 2014 Cruise will be in the Mediterranean, around the beautiful Italian island of Elba, with a brief visit to nearby Corsica. The cruise takes seven days, starting and finishing in Portoferraio, the capital of Elba. We have chosen a period when the weather should be good (although the water will still be cool) and before the harbours become too full with summer holidaymakers.

      ICOYC Cruises are open to all members of ICOYC Member Clubs

      The cruises are a great opportunity to sail in waters that are well known to the sponsoring club. Participants in previous cruises – Danish Islands, Pacific Northwest, Southern England, New Zealand – know how enjoyable the cruises are and how they provide opportunities to meet other members of like-minded yacht clubs in wonderful environments. Take a look at the cruise reports on the ICOYC website in On the Water/Past Cruises section.


      This page is fairly large and has the following sections:

      How Do I Participate?

      There are three ways for ICOYC club members to join the Cruise:

      1. Charter a yacht in Elba (or nearby) and bring your friends. Arrangements have been made for suitable charter yachts to be available locally. This is the preferred method.
      2. Sign on for a berth or berths on a chartered yacht. YCI and ICOYC will help arrange crew groupings to your satisfaction.
      3. Bring your own yacht from elsewhere in the Mediterranean. This is the alternative way to build up the cruising fleet and you may want to offer unfilled bunks to others in the cruise.       

      Provisional Programme

      Each leg of the Cruise will be between 20 and 30 nautical miles. An outline of the cruise is shown below, but every skipper will be able to vary his or her route, joining up with the rest of the fleet for special events during the week.     
      Saturday 21st June      Board charter yachts, provision, and settle in. Explore Portoferraio and enjoy a welcome dinner with the group at La Stella Marina after the cruise briefing.  Map 

      Sunday 22nd June        We sail to Capraia Islandnorth of Elba. This unspoiled island has volcanic rocks, stunning views, and a small port built around a 16th century castle. There are a few small ristorantes along the harbor, and more when you climb to the castle.  A very nice walkabout town.  Map

      Monday 23rd June      We sail to the French Island of Corsica. Moorings have been arranged in Macinaggio, near Cap Corse in the north of the island. Good walking tour for an hour or two on nearby beaches and the town.  A well rated restaurant near the port is Osteria di u Portu.    Map

      Tuesday 24th June      Optional – stay in Corsica or sail back to the west coast of Elba where there are interesting harbors or anchorages for the night, or continue to our next stop below, to assure time shopping on market day. Wednesday 25th June Marina di Campo, Elba. The fleet will rendezvous in this natural harbor with extensive beaches on the south coast of Elba. Wednesday is market day in Marina di Campo. Map

      Thursday 26th June      We sail on to Porto Azurro, at the east side of Elba, yet another beautiful harbour and picturesque town.  Here we will gather for a grand farewell dinner at il Delfino Verde, just off the beach.    Map

      Friday 27th June    We return to Portoferraio in the evening, possibly to gather for a reminiscence cocktail or dinner together nearby.  Charter yachts will check in this evening, but may stay aboard until morning.

      Saturday 28th June.      The chartered yachts will be returned and everyone heads home or into Italy for an extended holiday. Nearby Tuscany or Rome are excellent choices! 

      Cruise Costs

      Chartering a yacht cabin for two people in Elba costs about €600 per person (based on full occupancy of the yacht’s cabins), plus any additional expenditures ashore. The charter fees generally include linens, dinghy and outboard, port fees andmoorage, fuel for the entire cruise, and taxes. Provisions aboard, if desired, are not included. 

       Please see ‘Charter Information’ below for more details.


      Additional charges will be made for the welcome dinner on June 21, and for the farewell dinner on June 26. The prices for the dinners will be set later. There will be no advance costs for shore events as each boat or individual will be asked to pay at the time - an approach that worked well during the Danish Isles cruise in 2013.



      Travel to Elba

      For many of the cruisers, the trip to Italy can be the start of a summer holiday in Italy since our cruise base is conveniently located on the western edge of Tuscany. 

      Mainland Launching Town 
      To reach the beginning of the cruise, everyone passes through the mainland town of Piombino. From here a one hour ferry takes foot passengers and autos to the Elba town of Portoferraio where the cruise begins and ends. 

      Ferry Service 
      The ferry trip between Piombino and Portoferraio takes one hour and several ferry services are available: 
      • Moby Line - , 
      • OK Ferry -   
      • Elba Ferries -  

      Overnight stays in either Piombino or Portoferraio may be required, depending upon your travel plans. Each cruiser is responsible for his/her accommodations. Both towns have hotels within easy walking distance to the ferry terminals. 

      Air Travel 
      Travelers on international flights generally arrive at Rome, 250 km south of Piombino. European travelers can fly into Milan (380 km north) or Pisa, the closest at 130 km. 

      Trains to Piombino 
      The Italian national railway, Trenitalia, operates routes to Piombino Marittima station, most with a change of trains at nearby Campiglia Marittima station. Trains from Rome take between 2.5 and 3.5 hours, while trains from Milan make more stops and take between 5 and 6 hours. The train from Pisa is the shortest, taking between 1.5 and 2 hours, with several departing from the Pisa airport itself. 

      Car Rental in Piombino 
      For those who decide to rent an auto, several agencies have offices in Piombino, some near the ferry terminal, including Avis. 


      Charter Information

      YCI has contracted with Mondovela Yachting & Vacanze, Milano, Italy,, to provide yacht charter services for the cruise, including port clearance, moorings, technical assistance if needed, and other logistic services. For those seeking berths, ICOYC will work with Mondovela to arrange acceptable crew groups of individuals. The company has yachts in the range 36 – 50ft (11- 15m) range, generally Beneteau or Bavaria models. See Contacts below for more information.
      NOTE:  As of March 1, charter yachts are becoming difficult to find, but not impossible.  We will work with you.
      There are numerous other charter companies in the area,  Our port clearance, moorage, and other logistical details have been pre-arranged through Mondovela, so for private yachts and charters arranged elsewhere, there is a Service Package which must be purchased for 800EU. 
      The table below provided by Mondevela shows a representative list of vessels that may be available.

      Charter Vessels for ICOYC

      Date: 21st / 28th June 2014 
      Start/end port: PORTOFERRAIO (Elba) 
      Charter start h 17:00
      Charter end h 08:00 (return to marina on Friday h 18:00 + overnight)

      1. BAVARIA 42 CRUISER - 2005 - mt.12.99 - 3 double cabins - 2 heads – 6+2 berths{MODEL-Bavaria42Cruiser}
      2. BENETEAU CYCLADES 43.4 - 2007 - mt.13.26 - 4 double cabins - 2 heads – 8+2 berths{MODEL-Cyclades43.4}
      3. BAVARIA 46 CRUISER - 2005 - mt.14.20 - 4 double cabins - 2 heads - 8 berths{MODEL-Bavaria46Cruiser}
      4. BAVARIA 49 - 2004 - mt.15.40 - 5 double cabins - 3 heads - 10 berths{MODEL-Bavaria49}
      5. SUN ODYSSEY 40 - 2004 - mt.12.20 - 3 double cabins - 2 heads - 6 berths
      6. SUN ODYSSEY 45 - 2005/2007 - mt.14.15 - 4 double cabins - 2 heads - 8 berths
      7. SUN ODYSSEY 45.2 - 2003 - mt.14.15 - 4 double cabins - 2 heads - 8 berths
      8. SUN ODYSSEY 49 - 2004 - mt.14.98 - 4 double cabins - 2 heads – 8+1berths
      9. SUN ODYSSEY 49i Performance - 2008 - mt.15.07 - 4 double cabins - 4 heads – 8+2 berths


      If you are interested in taking part in this Cruise, please advise YCI soon so we can make advance reservations. The fleet size will be limited as some of the harbours are small and charter yachts are in short supply.

      Download the Registration form in Adobe PDF format or in MS Word format (you may have to do a download and Save the Word document before editing it). Fill the form out and fax or scan it to Stefania Rocca at Yacht Club Italiano (see Contacts below).

      All individual bookings after 01 March 2014 are subject to confirmation.  ICOYC and YCI will make best efforts to find accomodations. 
       Full yacht charter and own-yacht bookings may be made up to end-April 2014 and will be accepted subject to fleet size limitations.

      YCI and the ICOYC will not be responsible for the safety of participants, individual bookings, travel arrangements, harbour fees, etc., but we will assist participants as much as possible.


      Information from the cruise coordinators:

      Registrations for the cruise:

      • Cruise Concierge 
        Stefania Rocca
        Yacht Club Italiano, 
        Porticciolo Duca degli Abruzzi - 16128 Genova 
        Tel.: (+39) 010 2461206,  Fax: (+39) 010 2461193

      Yacht Charters:

      Web Links

      Porto Azzuro: 
      Yacht Club Italiano: 
      Yacht Charter Company - Mondovella Yachting & Vacanze, 

      Spread the Word

      Please share information about this cruise with all members of your club. It is a very exciting event that will be great fun. The cruise could appeal to racing sailors as well as to cruising skippers. A PDF version of this brochure can be downloaded from HERE. for the images, if required.



      From Wikipedia: 
      Elba (Italian: isola d'Elba, pronounced ['i?zola 'delba]; Latin: Ilva; Ancient Greek: ???a??a, Aithalia) is a Mediterranean island in Tuscany, Italy, 20 kilometres (12 mi) from the coastal town of Piombino. The largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago, Elba is also part of the Arcipelago Toscano National Park,[1] and the third largest island in Italy, after Sicily and Sardinia. It is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, about 50 kilometres (30 mi) east of the French island of Corsica.

      More information can be found in Wikipedia at .


      From Wikipedia: 
      Corsica (/'k?rs?k?/; French: Corse, IPA: [k??s]; Corsican: Corsica; Italian: Corsica; Ligurian: Corsega) is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located west of Italy, southeast of the French mainland, and north of the Italian island of Sardinia. Mountains make up two-thirds of the island, forming a single chain. Before French domination, Corsica was under the ownership of the Republic of Genoa.

      More information can be found in Wikipedia at 

  • 2013 June - Danish Isles in the Baltic Sea - Norddeutscher Regatta Verein
      08-15 June 2013


      Cruise the scenic areas of the Baltic Sea in the company of our Council clubs in this cruise organized by NRV. 

      Norddeutscher Regatta Verein



      A PDF downloadable report written by John Stork, the Chairman of the ICOYC Interclub Activities Committee, can be downloaded HERE

      Logged-in members can go to the Photo Gallery page and view the Phanfare photo alums created by cruise attendees. Read the instructions on how to enter the ICOYC password to access the photo albums. Albums are created in this system for each of the ICOYC events.

      The Cruise Coordinator, Wolfgang Weber of NRV, wrote the report shown below (a hard copy version can be downloaded HERE). 

      NRV-WW                                                                                                                            Hamburg, June 24, 2013


       ICOYC Summer Cruise 2013 – Danish Isles


       Cruise Report – or how the whole venture came into being


       “ICOYC, what’s that?” was one of the questions my fellow NRV members asked me on occasion of the annual NRV cruising members’ get together at Hørup Hav in Denmark in September of last year.  It was there when I first presented John Stork’s idea of organizing and implementing a cruise through the southern Danish Isles at our doorsteps for members of ICOYC member clubs. 

       “Very nice, but why the southern Danish Isles of all places? We know all the ports already and what could be the benefit of fleet sailing when we can individually enjoy the tranquility of the area on our own?” quite a few of the NRV’s cruising members remarked. This and other similar comments are not exactly encouraging – to say the least – when you want to get the message across and try to encourage participation in a new venture, new at least for NRV cruising yachtsmen. 

      But the idea stuck and I was able to convince my fellow Club members that this venture was going to be something new and thrilling in a sense they had never been able to experience before. So, with support from the NRV’s General Committee I began to drum up potential participants and our Rear Commodore Offshore Sailing, Alexander Prinz zu Schleswig-Holstein, was the first to get onboard and support the project. 


      Shortly thereafter also the NRV Admiral and former long years Commodore Mr. Gunter Persiehl began to like the idea, even though as per his own words he actually was a “convinced regatta sailor and not really overly fond of cruising in company”. So, there were two people already who wanted to join in the fun. And, finally also my friend and fellow NRV member Harald Kuhlei with his vast knowledge of the area and seafaring capability in general signaled support for the idea. 


      Of course, not immediately being aware of these facts when I first got started I took all my courage together and drafted the initial itinerary and route description documents that you all know by now. At the time my prime objective was to get the whole project published before Christmas 2012. 

      This was no problem at the NRV. I had the papers published on the Club’s website plus in one of the upcoming Newsletters which are circulated to our members on a weekly basis. And time was on my side when I was also able to present the idea which by then had already been christened “ICOYC Summer Cruise 2013 – Danish Isles” to our male members on occasion of the 2012 Traditional Gentlemen’s Christmas Dinner.

      With this head start from then on everything slowly began to take off by itself. After New Year the cruise was also advertised on the ICOYC website and registrations from interested yachtsmen and women started to pour in. it was indeed rewarding to see that registrations did not only come from my own fellow club members but also from ICOYC Clubs outside Germany. The first international registrations were received from the Royal Thames Yacht Club in London and from the Royal Southern Yacht Club in Hamble.


      There were more registrations from members of the Seattle Yacht Club in the United States and even from the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron in Australia. And with the international connections these Clubs enjoy overseas there were more participants joining from other Clubs in Australia and Japan.


       Now, nothing could go wrong any longer, I thought. But like they say: “the devil is in the detail” Harald and I were painstakingly reviewing every minute detail of our project. We made changes in the schedule here and there and finally came to the point when in our opinion everything looked pretty nice on paper. But then Harald said: “Wolfgang, don’t you think it would be a good idea to visit all these ports in advance and to organize the various dinners we are planning to have in person with the patrons of the hotels involved?” I more than readily agreed to his idea but could not join him on this tour due to other commitments at the time. So, Harald took it upon himself to single-handedly sail through the area and to personally discuss and organize all the planned dinner events on location in advance. 


      It was this really brilliant idea that not only in my opinion largely contributed to a flawless implementation of the cruise. It turned out that it was Harald’s personal involvement in the preparation of our cruise that was decisive in making the whole venture a total success.

      Well, dear readers, I thought you might have liked to know the details behind the scene of the event you have enjoyed just a short while ago. It certainly has been our pleasure to present to you one of the nicest sailing areas with its many historic and otherwise interesting sites worthwhile seeing and visiting while largely navigating through protected waters. The so called “South Seas of Denmark” certainly are one of our most cherished and preferred destinations which we like to visit time and again. At the same time we do hope that we were able to get this message across and to also infect you with this “virus” which – who knows – might perhaps induce you to come back some other time.

      All the rest of the story needs not to be told once more as all of you who have participated in the ICOYC Summer Cruise 2013 through the Danish Isles know all the details much better than could possibly ever be told in writing.


       Your personal memories will allow you to reminisce about cruising in company and the various get togethers in different locations en route, the lively talks onboard of participating yachts visiting with fellow yachtsmen from around the world, sampling nice Japanese treats prepared by Hiroko Sugiyama from Seattle Yacht Club and last but not least being invited for some drinks with new found friends.


       So, let’s hope that this year’s ICOYC Summer Cruise will not be forgotten for a long time and that the idea of cruising in company will be maintained to become a standing tradition of the ICOYC that will hopefully turn out to be one of the true benefits of being a member in the Council. 

      With this wish I would like to say good bye for now and hope to see you again on occasion of some future cruise wherever it may be. And, hopefully there will never again be a question like: “ICOYC, what’s that?”

      Fair winds and happy sailing – yours truly, 
      Wolfgang Weber, NRV Delegate – International Affairs 



      The Summer Cruise of 2013 is organized byNorddeutscher Regatta Verein, Hamburg, Germany, and will be in the Baltic in June. This is a wonderful cruising area, often with exceptionally good weather, and is often under-appreciated by yachting people elsewhere. The Council is able to draw on the experience of member clubs in the area to plan an exciting event. Please keep this in mind when considering your cruising options this year. 
      The cruise will start from Glücksburg – Flensburg Fjord – at the Danish / German border on Saturday, June 08, 2013 and will end in Glücksburg on Saturday, June 15, 2013. Participants are requested to arrive in Glücksburg by Friday, June 07, 2013 in the afternoon in order to join us for cocktails and the welcome dinner at Flensburger Segel Club, Glücksburg.


      Since this is a long page and contains lots of information, the links below jump to specific topics.

      Route Description - detailed review of the cruise, what will be going on, and photos of the area

      Cruise Itinerary - a table showing the dates, places, and contacts during each day of the cruise

      General Information - helpful information on how to get to the cruising grounds, what to expect, etc.

      Registration Form - Details on how to register for the cruise (ICOYC members only).

      Spread The Word - a template for an announcement of this cruise which can be used in the newsletter of ICOYC member clubs.


      Route Description

      Note: The following section can be downloaded in PDF format for printing and it has larger images. Click HERE to download .

      The cruise will sail from Glücksburg / GERMANY on Saturday, June 8, 2013 and finish with charter yacht return to the charter base at Sonwik Marina in Flensburg on Saturday June 15, 2013. The image below shows the sailing area framed in red at the Danish / German border with Hamburg and its airport being shown at the bottom of the image. 
      The image below depicts the sailing area and the ports of call (see stars) which the cruise will follow from port to port. 

      After having cast off the lines at Glücksburg our first port of call in Danish waters will be Hørup Hav. The little Danish town and its harbour are a favorite weekend trip destination of many German yachtsmen from neighboring ports of origin. Hørup Hav is blessed with “Hotel Baltic” – a very nice historic hotel and restaurant. It is owned by Mr Hans-Michael Jebsen, the well-known owner of Hong Kong based company Jebsen & Co. who takes pride in purchasing and refurbishing traditional old Danish hotels and Kroer (guest houses) to put them back to life for the enjoyment of contemporary customers. This could be an option for the participants for a nice cocktail reception followed by dinner at the hotel.

      The next destination in Danish waters will be the port of Marstal on Ærø island. Marstal has a long seafaring tradition. Based on its fleet of so called “Marstal Schooners” the little Danish port town very successfully engaged in overseas trade as early as the outgoing 18th and early 19th century. It boasts two shipyards, one of which engages in repairing and building of traditional wooden ships and boats. There also is a navigation school and a maritime museum worth visiting. The old town church dates back to the year 1738. Marstal today counts close to 2,400 inhabitants.

      From here we continue on our cruise towards Svendborg in the south of the island of Fyn by departing in East – North easterly direction – 75°, leaving the island of Strynø on our port side, passing under the bridge with 26 m clearance at Rudkøbing located on the island of Langeland which we leave to our starboard side, before we take to port and enter Svendborg Sound steering a course of 283° from the approach buoy.  

      From the approach buoy we follow Svendborg Sound to Troense on the island of Tåsinge where we plan a short stopover for a sightseeing stroll through the streets of this charming little Danish village. Time permitting Troense offers another highlight worthwhile visiting. 

      This is Valdemars Slot – a former home of Danish nobility – which has now been converted into three museums plus restaurant and hotel.

      While stretching one’s legs on firm ground is fine also for yachtsmen, today’s destination, however, is the picturesque town of Svendborg. Berthing for the yachts is planned at the city center marina – (upper right hand corner of image below). 

      The town of Svendborg is first documented in 1229 when King Valdemar II donated the town to his sister in law. The oldest building still standing today is Anne Hvides Gaard. It was built in 1560. Today Svendborg has got slightly less than 27,000 inhabitants and after Odense is the second largest town on the island of Fyn. 

      Since the 19th century Svendborg has been a seafaring town and also shipbuilding flourished for some time until the shipyard had to shut down in 2001 for economic reasons. But boat building continues until today. The well-known boatyard Walsted Baadeværft specializes in building and refitting of classic sailing yachts. Also the world’s largest shipping line still in operation today – A. P. Møller-Mærsk – was founded in Svendborg in 1904 and 1912 respectively.

      From here our course will take us in South Westerly direction towards the island of Ærø. We will pass under the bridge with 33 m clearance west of Svendborg connecting Fyn with Tåsinge. On our way we will leave the island of Skarø on our starboard side and reach open waters after having passed in the middle between the isles of Drejø (on our starboard side) and Hjortø (on our portside). Today’s destination is the picturesque town of Ærøskøbing on the island of Ærø. 

      Ærøskøbing is indeed a rather small town with slightly less than 1,000 inhabitants. First records date back to 1250. The town changed hands several times in history between the Danish Crown and the Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg before finally being sold to the Danish King.

      Economically Ærøskøbing even today still is of only minor local importance catering to its immediate neighborhood. The town never reached the economic significance of its next door neighbor Marstal which prospered from its shipping activities. Today tourism is one of Ærøskøbing’s major sources of income.

      In this sense NRV member Peter Gast – a well-known figure in Hamburg and North German shipping circles– is supporting tourism to Ærøskøbing. This year he has organized his meanwhile famous if not even legendary “Schifffahrtsregatta” (shipping regatta) from Kappeln / GERMANY to Ærøskøbing for the 31st time generating nice additional revenue for the town. A total of 150 yachts with 1,200 crew members participated in the regatta this year. Participants generally come from North German shipping companies. 

      The next destination of our cruise will be Fåborg located once again on the island of Fyn. On our way we will pass by the small rural islands of Avernakø and Lyø both mainly featuring an agricultural character.

      Fåborg is another typical small Danish town economically catering to the immediate neighborhood. It was first documented in 1229 as a gift of King Valdemar to a Portuguese Princess. The picturesque old town is one of the best examples of intact Danish architecture of the past. Two real landmarks are the old town gate and the bell tower of the town church. Provisions for the boats – as far as necessary – can be replenished here. 

      Our next stopover during the cruise will be picturesque Dyvig Bay with its extremely narrow passage which, however, is well marked. Do not despair when entering the bay’s approach. At first sight it does look like that there is no way in. But on coming closer the passage opens up and – guided by the navigation marks – you will have no problems in entering the bay. Once through the passage the bay opens up into a calm and well protected harbour with a modern marina plus another nice hotel with own berthing for visiting yachtsmen.

      Dyvig Bay will be our last stopover before we complete our cruise the following day by returning to Glücksburg / GERMANY. On our way to the Flensburg Fjord we can – time permitting – make another short stopover at Sønderborg before we continue. The last day will see us entering the marina of the FSC Flensburger Segel Club with farewell cocktails at the Club followed by a nice farewell dinner at Glücksburg Castle. It is the home of the Duke of Schleswig-Holstein’s family and dates back to the late 16th century.

      Saturday, June 15, 2012 will be reserved for removing all personal belongings from the yachts and returning the boats to the charter base at Sonwik Marina in Flensburg. 

      As one of the last optional highlights we can offer a visit to Robbe & Berking Classic Yachts yard in Flensburg which surely would be a nice conclusion of what we hope will have been a pleasant and thrilling experience for all participants in the 2013 ICOYC Baltic Sea Cruise.

      Fair winds and happy sailing! 
      Your NRV Cruise Organizing team 

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      Cruise Itinerary

      Note: The following section can be downloaded in PDF format for printing and it displays the information on four pages. Click HERE to download.


      June 08, 2012

      June 08, 2012

      June 09, 2012

      June 10, 2012

      June 11, 2012


      Saturday morning - Day 1

      Saturday noon - Day 1

      Sunday - Day 2

      Monday - Day 3

      Tuesday - Day4


      Flensburg – Sonwik Marina ( boarding charter yachts)

      Glücksburg - Germany

      Hørup Hav




      Flensburger Segel Club,


      Troense – opportunity to visit Valdemars Slot.


      Flensburger Segel Club,


      Hørup Hav - Denmark




      Straight distance

      to destination

      5 nautical miles

      23 nautical miles

      30 nautical miles

      20 nautical miles

      14 nautical miles



      FSC - Glücksburg

      N 54° 50,4’ – E 09° 31,5’

      Hørup Hav Brolaug

      N 54 ° 54,4‘ – E 09° 53,5‘

      Marstal harbour

      N 54° 51,3’ – E 10° 31,5’

      City harbour

      N 55° 03,7’ – E 10° 37,0’

      Sport harbour

      N 54° 53,5’ – E 10° 24,9’

      Depth at low tide

      2,1 m to 2,6 m

      2,5 m to 3,4 m

      3,5 m to 4,6 m

      2,4 m to 4,0 m

      2,8 m to 3,0

      Number of berths

      Over 100 – p.o. =

      Partly occupied

      Over 120 - p.o.

      Over 120 – p.o.

      About 35 - p.o.

      Over 150 - p.o.


      June 07, 2012

      June 08, 2012

      June 09, 2012

      June 10, 2012

      June 11, 2012


      Saturday - Day 1

      Saturday - Day 1

      Sunday - Day 2

      Monday - Day 3

      Tuesday - Day 4

      Harbour master

      Carsten Bultze

      Public harbour

      Public harbour

      Hans Søby

      Peter Gregersen

      Contact details

      +49-4631 – 969


      +45-74 – 41 61 20


      +45-63 – 52 63 65

      +45-62 – 23 30 82


      +45-62 – 52 12 53



      Hotel Baltic

      Hotel contact details

      +45-74 – 41 52 00

      Food & beverage

      Farewell cocktails at FSC.

      Cocktails and dinner at Hotel Baltic are an option.

      Public BBQ place located at harbour.

      Small fish fast food diner at harbour.

      Plenty of shopping plus several small restaurants.

      Additional information

      FSC and NRV enjoy long standing friendship.

      Public BBQ place located at harbour.

      Marstal boasts a small shipping museum worth visiting.

      Medium sized Danish town with restaurants and shopping close to harbour.

      Very picturesque small town with typical Danish character.


      June 12, 2012

      June 13, 2012

      June 14, 2012

      June 15, 2012


      Wednesday - Day 5

      Thursday - Day 6

      Friday - Day 7

      Saturday - Day 8





      Glücksburg - Germany


      Sønderborg - Denmark




      Glücksburg - Germany

      Flensburg – charter yacht return

      Straight distance

      to destination

      16 nautical miles

      30 nautical miles

      29 nautical miles

      5 nautical miles



      Sport harbour

      N 55° 50,6’ – E 10° 14,3’

      Dyvig bådelaug

      N 55° 02,6’ – E 09° 42,1’

      Flensburger Segel Club

      N 54° 50,4’ – E 09° 31,5’

      Sonwik Marina

      N 54° 48,3 – E 09° 27,0’

      Depth at low tide

      2,5 m

      2,5 m to 3,5 m

      2,1 m to 2,6 m

      Number of berths

      Over 150 – p.o.

      About 40 at hotel jetties –

      plus about 130 – p.o.

      Over 100 – p.o.

      Over 100 – p.o.


      June 12, 2012

      June 13, 2012

      June 14, 2012

      June 15, 2012


      Wednesday – Day 5

      Thursday – Day 6

      Friday – Day 7

      Saturday – Day 8

      Harbour master

      Lasse Olsen

      Christian Strojek

      Carsten Bultze

      Contact details

      +45-72 – 53 26 92

      +45-74 – 45 33 12

      +49-4631 – 969

      Hotel at destination

      Dyvig Badehotel

      Hotel contact details

      +45-73 – 16 43 00

      Food & beverage

      Shopping and restaurants in walking distance of harbour.

      Cocktails and dinner at Dyvig Badehotel are an option.

      Farewell cocktails at FSC followed by farewell dinner at Glücksburg

      Additional information

      Good opportunity for replenishing supplies.

      Very narrow passage to enter Dyvig Bay.

      Optiional visit to Robbe & Berking Classic Yachts yard in Flensburg.

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      General Information

      Note: The following section can be downloaded in PDF format for printing. Click HERE to download.

      The cruise will start from Glücksburg – Flensburg Fjord – at the Danish / German border on Saturday, June 08, 2013 and will end in Glücksburg on Saturday, June 15, 2013. Participants are requested to arrive in Glücksburg on Friday, June 07, 2013 in the afternoon in order to be able to join us for cocktails and welcome dinner at Flensburger Segel Club, Glücksburg.


      Participants arriving on own keel enter the Kiel Canal at Brunsbüttel (mouth of the river Elbe) motor all the way to the locks at Kiel-Holtenau (Kiel fjord) and continue the trip northward to Glücksburg. Participants arriving by air will disembark at Hamburg Airport. Ground transportation to Glücksburg is best organized by rental car directly from Hamburg Airport. Alternatively, train service from Hamburg to Flensburg is also available. The final leg from Flensburg to Glücksburg can best be covered by taxi.

      Hotel in Glücksburg

      Strandhotel Glücksburg,  Kirstenstrasse 6, 24960 Glücksburg, GERMANY 

      Contact: Mr Karsten Werner, Director 
      Phone: +49-4631 – 61 41 0 
      Fax: +49-4631 – 61 41 11 

      Yacht Charter

      Participants wishing to charter a yacht for the cruise should please contact: 
      Scansail Yachts International GmbH, Palmaille 124 b, 22767 Hamburg, GERMANY 

      Contact: Mr Jochen Eschenburg,  Managing Director. Jochen Eschenburg has got long years of experience in national as well as international yacht charter and will be able and pleased to cater to your every need.
      Phone: +49-40 – 38 84 22 
      Fax: +49-40 – 389 32 77 


      Single yachtsmen wishing to participate in the cruise but not wanting to charter a yacht of their own may contact the NRV Cruise Organizing Team by e-mail at who will try to find vacant bunks in one of the other participating yachts. 

      Money Matters

      Both Denmark as well as Germany are member countries of the European Union. The currency in many European countries is the Euro. However, Denmark unlike Germany still has got its own currency. This is the Danish Crown. For your information please find below December 2012's rates of exchange – indicative only, rates are subject to daily change: 

      Germany – Euro: GB £ 100,00 = € 123,90 
      US $ 100,00 = € 77,25 
      CA $ 100,00 = € 77,96 
      AU $ 100,00 = € 80,95 
      NZ $ 100,00 = € 64,28 

      Denmark – Crowns: GB £ 100,00 = dkr 924,21 
      US $ 100,00 = dkr 576,28 
      CA $ 100,00 = dkr 581,53 
      AU $ 100,00 = dkr 603,80 
      NZ $ 100,00 = dkr 479,45 

      We recommend you carry well accepted credit cards like VISA MasterCard and American Express for major expenses. For your minor day to day expenses we recommend to carry cash in local currency especially in small towns and villages where credit cards sometimes are not readily accepted. You may also wish to bring your bank card along to be able to withdraw cash in local currency from ATMs at local banks. 


      Health Precautions

      Should you be on medication and need to take prescription drugs on a regular basis we recommend you take along a sufficient quantity of your prescription drugs for the whole duration of the trip. 

      Some drugs – especially of non-European origin – may not readily be available at local pharmacies along the route. And, do not pack medication into your luggage as it may go astray or may be misdirected by airline companies. Always carry important medication with you in your hand luggage.


      Liability Waiver

      Participation in the ICOYC Summer Cruise 2013 is voluntary. Neither the ICOYC nor the NRV as corporate organizations or any of their members, employees or agents involved in the organization of this cruise assumes any liability whatsoever, expressly including but not limited to, any damage to or loss of personal property, personal injuries to body and / or soul, for loss of life or any other harm or disadvantage whatsoever caused by the participation in the cruise. 

      Participants will join the cruise at their own risk and will not go to court or take legal action against any of the organizations or their members, employees or agents involved in organizing of the cruise should they suffer any disadvantage by participating. By doing so they expressly agree to the terms and conditions set out hereinabove. 

      All information concerning the ICOYC Summer Cruise 2013 is provided in good faith and reflects the information available at the time of writing. It does not claim to be complete or entirely free of mistakes. Changes and amendments to the documents provided may be made by the Cruise Organizing Team at any time and in accordance with necessity.



      NRV Cruise Organizing Team c/o 
      Papenreye 63 
      22453 Hamburg 

      Telephone: +49-40 – 55 77 99 50 
      Telefax: +49-40 – 55 77 99 519 

      Mr Wolfgang Weber – Delegate, International Affairs 

      Contacting the NRV Organizing Team is preferred by e-mail. Telephone calls can be difficult due to different global time zones and should only be attempted after prior announcement of the intention in writing. Thank you. 

      Yours sincerely,
      NRV Organizing Team Wolfgang Weber
      Delegate, International Affairs 

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  • 2012 – Cruise on the Solent – Royal Southern Yacht Club
    • Cruise on the solent
      28 August - 05 September 2012 

      Royal Southern yacht club
      HAMBLE, UK



      The ICOYC 2012 Cruise took place on the waters in and about The Solent, UK, in early September 2012. 


      ICOYC Past President John Stork, wrote a report on the cruise, with good photos, which appeared on page 6 of the October 2012 issue of the ICOYC Newsletter. Click on the link to download.

      Logged-in members can go to the Photo Gallery page and view the Phanfare photo alums created by cruise and Hamble Forum attendees. Read the instructions on how to enter the ICOYC password to access the photo albums. Albums are created in this system for each of the ICOYC events.


      The cruise participants received an excellent Skippers Handbook which outlined the cruise, the schedule, and other details of the cruise. Download it HERE.

  • 2011 Sept – San Juan and Gulf Islands - Seattle Yacht Club/Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

    • American San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands

      POST FORUM CRUISE september 2011




      Pam Lowry of Seattle Yacht Club and co-chair of the cruise wrote an illustrated cruise report which appeared on pages 6 and 7 of the February 2012 issue of the ICOYC Newsletter. The text of her report can can be downloadedHERE

      Photos of the cruise taken by SYC member Mike Duppenthaler can be seen in his personal photo pages in Album 1Album 2Album 3Album 4.

      Barbara Holder of Royal Vancouver YC has shared her personal photos of the 2011 Cruise in the Pacific Northwest.



      The cruise participants received an excellent Skippers Handbook which outlined the cruise, the schedule, and other details of the cruise. Download it from HERE


      The material describing the cruise and registration process which originally was presented on the Seattle Yacht Club website has been archived. The material stored HERE can be retrieved only by the webmaster of Seattle Yacht Club,

  • 2010 March - Auckland and Bay of Islands - Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
    • march 2010 - POST FORUM CRUISE

      Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron


      The second post-forum cruise followed the 2010 Auckland Commodores' Forum and was hosted by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. The cruise showcased the historic Bay of Islands with its amazing pristine anchorages and rich history. 


      A sailor's summary can be downloaded from HERE 

      The final dinner had skits, with a fairytale. Download it HERE.

  • 2009 – Pacific Northwest – Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
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      SEPTEMBER 2009 

      First Forum Cruise

      Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

      The inaugural post-form cruise was hosted by Royal Vancouver Yacht Club in the summer of 2009. It featured the cruising waters of the Pacific Northwest at its best. The cruise visited several of the RVYC outstations and featured a visit to Chatterbox Falls in the Princess Louise Inlet.


      A sailor's summary can be downloaded from HERE.