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Kungliga Svenska Segel SaLlskapet/KSSS
(Royal Swedish Yacht Club)

Stockholm, Sweden

KSSS was founded in Stockholm in 1830 under the name the Swedish Sailing Club (Svenska Segel Sällskapet). It can be seen from a number of sources that during its first year the Club went under the guise of many different names such as the Sailing Club (Segel Sällskapet) and the Scandinavian Sailing Club (Skandinaviska Segel Sällskapet) before finally in 1878 receiving Royal status and the current name of the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (Kungliga Svenska Segel Sällskapet).

The club was founded at present day Skeppsholmen in Stockholm by some of the city’s wealthiest persons, who under a common flag, wanted to arrange yacht-racing within Stockholm’s environs. At this time associations and clubs in Sweden had just begun to spring up, and KSSS became Sweden’s second non-profit association, after Uppsala Swimming Club.

The club’s great period of growth came in the last decade of the 19th century and the first two decades of the 20th. The reasons behind this growth were that sailing boats had just become manageable in both terms of size and costs, and that several formula classes had been established. Moreover, motor boats first made their entrance onto the Swedish scene during this period.

During the 20s and 30s the club won international recognition through the great endeavours of yachtsmen such as Sven Salén, Erik Åkerlund and Erik Lundberg. This together with active sailing activities in the bays around Sandhamn, contributed to the club’s good reputation.

The 1960s saw the arrival of plastic boats and the number of boats in the club increased considerably which also brought about the significant breakthrough for the Round Gotland Race. The competition, one of the world’s largest ocean races, has since become the great Swedish test of courage for Swedish sailors.

Today KSSS has more than 6000 members. KSSS arranges yacht-racing, junior and elite training and education within sailing.  The club runs sailing activities in four locations.

The club house in Saltsjöbaden at Baggensfjärden is the centre for KSSS activities. It is here that KSSS has its office as well as club rooms and a cafeteria. Year-round, intensive training operations are run from here. Most of the KSSS course yacht-races are at Baggensfjärden with the regatta office in the club house. In Saltsjöbaden you can also find the KSSS Marina with berths for rent and special reserved berths for visiting members.

In Djursholm, there are training activities for children and youths as well as yacht-racing in dinghy classes. In the autumn of 2004 activities began in Ranängen, where new premises are under construction.

For more than one hundred years Sandhamn has been the base for KSSS yacht-racing operations. The KSSS yachting centre in Stockholm’s outermost archipelago is soaked in tradition and offers unique possibilities for ocean racing. At Sandhamn KSSS runs the Guest Harbour. On the outskirts of the archipelago lies the beautiful island of Sandön.

KSSS has its own peninsula, Lökholmen, which lies to the side of Sandhamn. Here there are plenty of mooring berths. Trollsundet is well-protected from the wind and the jetties are reserved for members. Electricity supply points can be found alongside of the jetties. On the north side of Trollsundet there is a shower building with toilets. On Trollharan’s southern side there is a sauna, In Trollgården there is a common room and overnight sleeping options. Lökholmen runs extensive camp activities during the summer with over 500 children and youths participating in the Optimist and yacht-racing camps.

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