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Royal Natal Yacht Club

Durban, South Africa

The Royal Natal Yacht Club is the oldest Yacht Club in Africa, and is the fifth oldest Yacht Club in the Southern Hemisphere.
It was constituted in May 1858, when the first Regatta was held in Durban, and the Durban Regatta Club was formed. It later became known as the Natal Yacht Club, and in 1891 received its charter, and from henceforth received the treasured title the Royal Natal Yacht Club.

In December 1990 the RNYC moved from its premises which had become landlocked due to reclamation and progress in general, to new premises on the waters edge of Durban Harbour. This was an inspired move which breathed a new lease of life into the Club and attracted new members.

Through good times and bad, the Royal Natal Yacht Club has striven to uphold the best traditions of seamanship and provide its members with the means for enjoying the sport. Members of the Club have carried its burgee to all parts of the world, and have competed successfully on many waters and in many types of boats.

In 2008 the club celebrated its sesquicentennial anniversary (150 years) in style. The ICOYC Commodore's Forum was held at the RNYC that year, and the culmination of the celebrations were a grand ball in Durban's City hall - a function which Club members and ICOYC members alike thoroughly enjoyed. The RNYC is primarily a keelboat Club although all aspects of the sport are encouraged at every level. Dinghy racing takes place in the harbour on Saturday afternoons, and keelboat racing at sea on Sundays. Very popular are the 'Wednesday Evening' social races which take place in the harbour during the summer months. The Clubhouse has two bars and restaurants, the more 'formal' being the Britannia Room on the first floor, while on the ground floor the Lower Deck bar and restaurant flows out onto the Club lawns which overlook Durban Harbour where the ships are literally a stone's-throw away.

Durban does not have an off-season as due to the temperate climate and warm water (about 23-degrees C all year round) our members can sail 365 days a year.

The RNYC burgee is flown with pride worldwide. The Club has reciprocal relationships with Clubs both locally and internationally. The RNYC is assured to give all visitors a warm welcome in a convivial atmosphere when they visit Durban, South Africa.

A book entitled 'Salt on the Sails' was produced for the Club's 150th Anniversary and covers the history of Durban, sailing in our waters and the rich history of the Club, the people that make it tick and the role it has played in the development of Durban.

An entertaining and more detailed history is HERE  

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