On the Water

While the focus of Forums and Regional Conferences is for club leaders to share knowledge on club operations, to examine common issues, and to facilitate the sport of sailing, the On The Water activities of ICOYC are designed get members of the ICOYC clubs together in a more relaxed manner and help them share a love of being on the water while taking advantage of their time together to have fun and enjoy their shared interest. We do so by offering members to join in Club Activities, Cruises, Regattas, and with the Youth Exchange Program. 

Club Activities

The Club Activities section describes events organized by member clubs which are not always water-based, such as skiing, classic car exhibitions, special dinners, concerts, and other social activities. The organizing club invites members of other ICOYC member clubs to participate. If you have a member club event to which other ICOCY clubs are invited, 

The Cruises section describes the past ICOYC-organized cruises as well as planned ones.  Cruises are hosted by ICOYC Member Clubs drawing on local knowledge and facilities to make each cruise unforgettable.The Summer Cruises are more extensive and are organized by one or more member clubs and feature their favorite cruising waters. Occasionally a Summer Cruise is tied to a World Commodores Forum, either before or after the forum. 

The section for upcoming cruises contains details about the cruise and how to join it while the section on past cruises contains reports of the cruises, some photos, and organizational details.

Cruises are for all Members of ICOYC Clubs

All members of ICOYC clubs are eligible to participate in an cruise, not just the club leadership. Contact your club's representative for more details or send a message to webeditor@icoyc.org.


Why Cruising and Cruising Members are a Vital Part of a Healthy Club's Set of Activities

Racing is a key activity in all of the ICOYC member clubs and cruising often is relegated to a lower level of interest. Read a thoughtful discussion of why a strong cruising program should part of each club's list of activities. ICOYC Past President John Stork penned this article in May 2012 and it is still applicable. Read it HERE.

ICOYC and Member Club Regattas

Click HERE to learn about ICOYC-sponsored regattas and member club's special events and regattas to which other ICOYC clubs are invited. 

Youth Exchange Program

The intent behind the Youth Exchange Program is to drive and help exchanges of young sailors, while training and tours among ICOYC Member Clubs improve and broaden the skills of younger sailors, and increase motivation and interest in the clubs (and sport). Read more details in HERE.