The Leading Yacht Clubs … Working Together … Sharing Experience 

This brief description of the ICOYC is at the bottom of every page of this website. It summarises the whole raison d’être of the Council. The members are exclusively the leading clubs in the various key yachting locations, all of which have extensive experience that they can share – often in confidence with their peers – and they face similar issues that they can usefully discuss. The clubs in the Council can be found in Member Clubs. They work together primarily through the worldwide ICOYC Commodores’ Forums and in other ways described on this website.

ICOYC provides a broad range of member benefits, many of which are described in the downloadable Member Benefits document.

There is no requirement for reciprocity among ICOYC clubs. These arrangements will always be based on individual club decisions, but they may be fostered through the contacts that are made in Forums and elsewhere.    

Wider Contacts

Although many of the contacts made through the Council are at Flag Officer level, the Council also seeks opportunities for individual club members to meet and exchange views.

The ICOYC Cruises are an example of the opportunities that the Council has opened up for all the membership of each Council club - indeed active Flag Officers have usually found themselves too busy to take part. Successful ICOYC Cruises have been held since 2009 and one or more are planned every year. In each case the host club has made members from elsewhere very welcome and introduced them to the very best places in their home waters. There has been wide appreciation of these events, as can be seen in the On the Water section of this website.

More Information about ICOYC

Additional information on ICOYC and its officers can be found in the following sections:

How to Contact ICOYC

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