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Chicago Yacht Club
400 E. Monroe St
Chicago, Illinois  60603 USA

PHONE: +1 312.861.7777
FAX: +1 312.861.1840



chicago YACHT CLUB

Chicago, Illinois, USA


“A Tradition of Yachting Excellence” is not only the Chicago Yacht Club's tagline. It is a fitting description. Club membership represents a diverse grouping of professionals, business men and women, students and retirees. As different as their occupations, backgrounds or families may be, they all share one common bond…..a passion for yachting. The club’s excellent international boating reputation is a well-deserved reflection and a direct result of members’ dedication to yachting, and their formidable accomplishments in the sport.   

In addition to the club’s commitment to yachting, it hosts a variety of social events and celebrations throughout the year. In conjunction with the club’s management staff, the constantly active committees coordinate educational programs and seminars, holiday festivities, theater, museum and cultural outings, and regular Friday night committee and fleet happy-hour gatherings. From informal barbecues on the patio, and potluck dinners on the docks to elegant wine-tastings and black-tie New Years Eve galas, members never lack for something to do at the club. 

One of the most unique features of the Chicago Yacht Club is that it occupies not just one, but two stations.  These two very different, yet equally engaging, clubhouses sit in two of the most scenic and convenient locations in Chicago. The Monroe and Belmont Stations are lively centers for all our yachting activities and club events, from fine dining and holiday galas, to theater parties and brunch before Bears games. Both of our clubhouses offer convenient parking, transient slips for members and visiting yachtsmen, shower and locker room facilities, and excellent private rooms for meetings, receptions, and other gatherings.  With a professional staff on hand at both stations to serve the needs of our members, the Club is proud to be recognized as one of the top ten yacht clubs in the United States.

Last updated Sunday, September 08, 2013