Sandringham yacht club
Hosts the
2021 ICOYC World Forum

28 February to 03 March 2021


News Flash: 
Cork, Ireland
28 September 2019

The Board of Directors of the International Council of Yacht Clubs announces that Sandringham Yacht Club of Sandringham (VIC), Australia will host the 2021 ICOYC World Forum in February/March 2021.

Details of the event will be posted during 2020 and ICOYC members will be sent a formal announcement, along with Save the Date reminders.

The Commodore and members of Sandringham Yacht Club are pleased that their bid was accepted and are already working on the project.

 Announcement Video

Video of the 2021 Sandringham World Forum.  (1 GB video, MP4)

Last updated Saturday, November 30, 2019

Weather for the Melbourne and the State of Victoria

The material below will updated during the following year.

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  • Partner Programme - <date>  PDF 
  • Pre-registration and Hotel Announcement - <date>  PDF 
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Conference Registration Form

To register for the ICOYC World Forum Sandringham 2021 please click on the link,  xx

Hotel Reservations and Pre-Registration Announcement


Agenda for Delegates

Delegates Programme - updated <date>  Download PDF HERE 

Agenda for Partners

Partners Programme - updated <date>  Download PDF HERE 

General Announcement - date


Photo Gallery

The section below contains some photo albums of the conference venue. Simply scroll through the images.