Kongelig Norsk Seilforening
  Huk Aveny 1
0287 Oslo
Phone : 23 27 56 00
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Kongelig Norsk Seilforening/KNS
Royal Norwegian yacht club

Oslo, Norway

The Kongelig Norsk Seilforening, or Royal Norwegian Yacht Club, was established in Oslo 1883.The club has more than 4,000 members, mainly located in the Oslo area, and is by far the largest yacht club in Norway. For decades membership has been open in accordance with national sporting regulations.
Racing is in focus and members are proud to say that the club has “always” been represented at the Olympic Games. Traditionally, the racing season in Norway has been May to September, but the keen sailors are stretching out the season. Located 60 degrees North, the winter in Oslo is more suited for skiing. Finn dinghy, Laser and Star are classes where the Norwegian sailors have been in the international top level in the recent past years. The majority of keel boat sailors are in boats such as Dragon and Melges 24. Even in 5.5m  there are modern boats doing well. Match Racing is increasing while Team Racing so far has not been so attractive.

The junior department has a large number of dinghy sailors. The club has active training programs especially for youngsters. A full time, professional coach is in charge of a large team of part time coaches. Most of the Race Management is taken care of by a highly skilled group of members working as volunteers.
The majority of members are cruising sailors, normally with boats between 35-45 feet. (The size is gradually increasing). Royal Norwegian organizes all types of regattas. The biggest annual event, now held for almost 60 years, is the Færder Regatta.  The boats start in the front of the City Hall of Oslo, at the bottom of the Oslo Fjord, and race through very narrow waters into the open sea ending up at the picturesque old navy base in Horten. More than 1,000 boats make this one of the biggest overnight races in the world. Our honorary commodore, HM King Harald is a regular participant in the Færder. The King is still racing internationally, with excellent results. King Harald is also active in coaching young sailors in his FARR 50 which he has made available for such purpose.

The General Manager has a staff of full time employees such as financial manager, harbor master, sport manager etc. The Board of Directors, chaired by the Commodore, is elected at the members Annual Meeting.The club house and the club marina are located only a few kilometers from the City. Both sailing boats and power boats, totally about 750, have their berth here.  The club restaurant has a very nice location, but the members do not use it in the same way as 50 years ago. The club facilities are popular for all types of functions.

Royal Norwegian has close relations to its “sister clubs” in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Stockholm. Together these clubs have a “station” based in New York with the exceptionally long name “The North American Station of the Royal Scandinavian Yacht Clubs and Nylandska  Jaktklubben” Royal Norwegian is an active member of the International Council of Yacht Clubs.

updated Saturday, March 29, 2014