Regional Conferences

In early 2011, ICOYC began holding Regional Conferences in Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific regions to supplement the larger and more formal Commodores Forums held every 12-18 months. The regional conferences are shorter meetings of a day or two, where commodores and their representatives from a region meet briefly to identify issues specific to the region, and to enhance personal contacts away from the worldwide Forum.

These Conferences have proved to be very popular and now continue on a regular basis. They provide the opportunity for those flag officers who were not able to attend more distant forums to meet their peers from other countries and to catch up on previous discussions. In addition, the regional conferences provide time to discuss local and regional issues which may not fit into the global forums. The regional conferences are a great venue for inviting guest yacht clubs who may be interested in joining ICOYC.

The issues and topics raised at these Conferences will often be followed up in more detail at following worldwide Commodores' Forums and it is hoped that the participants will meet again at the Forum to pursue them in greater detail.

Photos and Conference Descriptions

Photo albums for the some of the conferences may be viewed by logged in members by going to the Photo Gallery.

Summaries of the recent conferences can be found in the separate pages for each region:

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