About Membership

The Leading Yacht Clubs … Working Together … Sharing Experience
This brief description of the ICOYC is at the bottom of every page of this website. It summarises the whole raison d’être of the Council. The members are exclusively the leading clubs in the various key yachting locations, all of which have extensive experience that they can share – often in confidence with their peers – and they face similar issues that they can usefully discuss. 

ICOYC is blessed with membership in every region of the globe. Working together is accomplished by a variety of means, from the worldwide ICOYC Commodores’ Forums, the Regional Conferences, this website and the Web Forum within, and in direct contact between peers, who have established relations through involvement in the ICOYC. Trusted Communication among peers is at the heart of the unique value of ICOYC.

Membership rights are extended upon invitation by the Council, following the approval by the Board of Directors.  Any club interested in joining the ICOYC must have the support of at least two member clubs that have been in the Council for a minimum of two years. The process is facilitated by the ICOYC Nominations Committee, chaired by the President
Any initial enquiries should be directed towards the Secretary or the President,  

Clubs that are admitted to membership of the Council are primarily the senior yacht clubs in the various key yachting locations. They should share the finest yachting traditions and be of sufficient size, with a sufficient range of activities, to be able to contribute to the deliberations of the Council. Other yachting organisations may be admitted on an affiliated basis if the Council can help them and vice versa.

Annual membership dues are very modest in terms of the scale of member clubs’ activities. There is also a joining fee to cover some of the legal costs of setting up and maintaining the Council. The clubs hosting the ICOYC Commodores’ Forums do not charge for the facilities, lunches and refreshments, and the ICOYC is usually able to attract some additional sponsorship for these and other events. The costs of running the Council are kept as low as possible. The Officers and Directors believe in its value to the yacht club community as a whole and support it on a pro bono basis.

Updated Wednesday, July 18, 2012