'The Council’s mission is to foster closer relations at Flag Officer and General Management level between leading yacht clubs around the world in order to improve the quality of the yachting and other services they provide to their members. The Council shall also promote a proper awareness of the environment and responsibility towards it.’

The Present Objectives are…

- To identify common areas of interest and concern among member clubs and then to provide effective platforms for the exchange of ideas and experience about these topics

- To build on the synergy that already exists between member clubs and develop new links by the use of contemporary communication tools and the organisation of regular forums and conferences

- To foster wider fellowship and informal communications among member clubs by encouraging participation in joint events such as cruises, rallies, youth exchanges, interport regattas and social activities

How Do We Achieve the Objectives?

This website shows the many ways in which the Council supports the ICOYC clubs and their individual members.
We recently consulted many of those involved and summarised the benefits that arise from membership. You can access the document HERE.

updated Saturday, March 17, 2012