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  • Log on to the site
  • My Profile & Member Roster 
  • Calendar 
  • Create and maintain personal calendar events
  • Registering for events
  • Receiving duplicate emails?

  • Log on to the site

    • To Log on to the private, members only site, input your username and password into the "Member Quick Login" area.
    • User Name and Password: These items are provided to you by ICOYC and must be used to log on to the site the first time.  If the original message has been lost or misplaced, please e-mail for a reminder.

    After logging in the first time, you will be asked to change your username and password.  You may keep the initial user name and password, but we recommend that you create a private set instead. Your username and password can only contain letters and numbers, no special characters. Your password is case sensitive. You can change either item at any time (see the section below for details).

    Note: step by step instructions for this and the following sections can be downloaded from this PDF document "Login and Updating Your Personal Profile" ONLY after you have logged in. This document and other user guides can be found in Member Library/Govering Codes.

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    My Profile & Member Roster

    It is important to keep your profile updated for accuracy & privacy!

    • To edit your own profile simply click on the Member Directory quick link at the lower left on the Private Home page and select the tab entitled "My Profile". You can update fields and also choose which information to display about yourself on a field by field basis.
    • To search for members by last name, type in the last name of the member. If you do not know how to spell the members last name, then type in the beginning letters of their last name to get a broader number of responses. You may also search by first name, or simply letter of the alphabet.
    • To email a member, select their email address in their profile.
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    The calendar (accessed only by logging on to the site) reflects all events and activities scheduled.
    • Events with a small, green icon preceding the event title allow for online reservations.
    • Please see the "Registering for Events" section below for more details regarding online reservations.
    • The monthly view of the calendar shows filters at the top of the calendar.
    • You can view select "Quick Filter" to view events from a specific area.
    • Use the right and left arrows in the upper left corner to advance months.
    • Use the tab selections at the top of the calendar to choose a day, week, month, year, or list view.
    • Select an event to see the event details.
    • Events on the ICOYC calendar can be syncronized into your personal calendar maintained in Microsoft Outlook or several PC-based calendaring systems. To put an event into your own calendaring system, click on "Sync Event" at the top of the event description and follow the on-screen instructions.
    • See the "Create and Maintain Personal Calendar Events" below for more information regarding the calendar. 
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    Create and Maintain Personal Calendar Events 

    You can add personal events to the calendar to maintain your personal schedule along with the ICOYC calendar on the Web site.

    • To add a personal event, select "Add Personal Event" from the full calendar view.
    • Select the month and day from the calendar and input the event label and description.
    • Select "Save" to add your event. Personal Events appear on the full calendar in red.
    • To edit a personal event, select the event name on the full calendar. Select "Edit" on the event details window. Edit the appropriate information and select "Save". To delete a personal event, select the event name on the full calendar. Select "Delete" on the event details window. Select "Yes" to confirm that you want to delete the event.


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    Registering for Events

    You can register for some events online. Events that have online registration are noted on the calendar with a small green circle icon preceding the name of the event. 
    • To register for an event, select the event name from a calendar view.
      • Select the "Sign Up Here" link at the bottom of the event description.
      • Note the number in your party and optional comments regarding your reservation.
      • Select the "Submit" button to submit your reservation.
      • The system will give you a confirmation number. It is recommended that you print the confirmation number for your records.
      • A confirmation email will be sent to the email address noted in your user profile.
    • To cancel your reservation, select the event from the full calendar and select "Cancel this reservation" and then "Yes" to confirm the cancellation.
      • An email will be sent to the email address noted in your user profile confirming your reservation cancellation.

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    Receiving Duplicate Emails?

    If you receive dupliate copies of email messages from ICOYC, this can be easily fixed. You have two email addresses stored in your member contact data, which itself is not bad. However, you will need to turn off the email sending process for the secondary email address.

    • Modify your contact record by going to to Member Library/ICOYC Directory and then clicking the "My Profile" tab above the directory listing.
    • Your profile is opened and you can make changes to most of the fields, including changing your Username and Password.
    • Also you can upload a photo of yourself by clicking on the photo buttons on the right side.
    • Scroll down the screen and locate the fields containing your Primary and Secondary Email Addresses.
    • You can change them at any time.
    • For those having Secondary Email Addresses, you can turn off the website's abililty to send messages to that address by unchecking the box labeled "Receive Emails to this Address".
    • Make sure that at least one of the addresses has the box checked in order to receive email messages from ICOYC.  
    • When finished adjusting the other fields in your contact record, you must scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the "Save My Profile" button to make the changes effective.

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    Updated Sunday, October 14, 2012