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These albums are created from photos taken by the participants in ICOYC events. Contact if you have photos to share with other ICOYC members.

(Last updated Thursday, September 29, 2016)


Password is ICOYCphotos


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2016 Commodore's Forum in Copenhagen - 19-23 September 2016

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360° Photos

Some members are using the Ricoh Theta S camera to take 360 degree photos which can be displayed in full 'surround sound' viewing mode using special photo viewers. These photos are contained in stand-alone albums with the name "360º xxx". The use of the special viewers is described below in the section Viewing 360º Photos in 360º Mode

How to Use the ICOYC Phanfare Site

The photo albums stored on the ICOYC Phanfare site at with the Viewer Password shown at the top of this page. The photos cannot be viewed by the general public without using the password.

Viewing the Albums

  1. From your internet browser, enter
  2. You should see a screen headed by

  4. In the box of the password prompt, enter the password shown at the top of this page. This password challenge is only one time.  
  5. Then you will see the Table of Contents page. This displays all of the albums available, organized by year.    
  6. Select an album by clicking on the image to open the album.
  7. Thumbnails of the photos within the album are on the left side and the full image is shown with a Next arrow above it. Now move forwards (Next) or backwards (Prev) with the buttons above the photo.
  8. Some of the larger albums have more than one section as shown in above the thumbnail section.    
  9. An automatic slideshow can be run with the "Start Slideshow" command at the top.
  10. You can order prints of specific images or build your own downloadable book of photos by clicking on "Prints & Gifts"
  11. Finally specific images can be downloaded by clicking on "Download"
  12. When finished with the album, return to the main menu by clicking on "ICOYC Photo Library" at the top left corner.

Adding Your Photos to the Albums

Members are more than welcome to share their photos with fellow ICOYC members by uploading photos to the ICOYC Phanfare site. Do do so, simply click on the Phanfare Drop Box icon  at the top right of the Phanfare screen (just above today's date) to start the upload dialog. You can upload multiple photos by holding down the Ctrl key to select more than one photo. If you have a large quantity, we can help out by using the mass batch upload facility available to the system administrator. In this case, please let the Webeditor know with an e-mail to and tell us what you want to do and how many photos are in the album.

Guidelines for Good Photos

The albums should contain a highly selected group of photos which show ICOYC and its members at our best. This means edit, edit, edit.

Don't send photo that are:

  • Duplicates of others (look through the album before uploading photos similar to ones already there)
  • "Boring" views of far distance sights or "yet another" picture of a bunch of boats
  • Show people drinking
  • Embarrassing to the people in the photo or to ICOYC


Vewing 360° Photos In 360° Mode

The Ricoh Theta S camera takes 360 degree images and special viewers can be used to see the photos in full view with the user moving the point of view around within the photo. This special viewing mode requires a downloaded viewer as described below. When the Theta photos are displayed with normal photo viewers, they look somewhat distorted from a very wide angle viewpoint.

Theta photos are displayed in a separate album and the images must be downloaded before viewing. The sections below describe how to use the specialized viewers.

1)    Via PC (Windows®) or Mac (Mac OS)

a)    Access the following website to download and install the free RICOH THETA for Windows®/Mac:  You have to have your PC/Mac administrator privileges in order to install the software.

b)    Access the ICOYC Phanfare Site, Photo Gallery.  If you see photos in very wide angle, they are 360° photos.

c)    When a 360° photo is displayed and if you want to see it in real 360° mode, click the “Download” button on upper-right corner of the screen and select “Download Image”.  The photo will be save in your “Downloads” folder after a few seconds. Download as many photos as you want.

d)    Open the RICOC THETA software to see the "Drag and drop the spherical image" message. Then drag the photos in your Download folder to the viewer one by one.
  Or, click “File” and “Open…” the photo(s) you saved in your “Downloads” folder.

e)    Now you can see your amazing photos in 360° by just holding the left-click button and move the mouse/pad.


2)    Via iPhone or iPad 

a)    In App Store, search and install the free RICOH THETA S App.

f)      Access ICOYC Phanfare SitePhoto Gallery. .  If you see photos in very wide angle, they are 360° photos.

b)    When a 360° photo is displayed and if you want to see it in real 360° mode, long press the photo on the screen and press “Save Image”, long press the photo on the screen and select “Save Image”.   The photo will be saved in your Camera Roll.

c)    Open the THETA S App, select “Photos”, “Camera Roll” and pick the 360° photo(s) you saved.

d)    Now you can see your amazing photo(s) in 360° by just scrolling your finger, shrink or enlarge the photo(s) by two fingers. 


3)    Android and other smartphone OS 

The RICHO THETA S App works for images directly transferred from a RICHO THETA S camera and images downloaded from some websites only.  360° images downloaded from Phanfare System are not yet supported.



Internal Slideshows

View abbreviated slideshows from the display below. Simply pull down the selection list to view the slides of the desired event.

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